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Marvel Sweeps Top Ten, Doubles DC Market Share in October Sales

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, November 06 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Sweeps Top Ten, Doubles DC Market Share in October Sales

Guess that not-a-reboot reboot went over pretty well with comic shops.

Source: Diamond

Proving that people are really interested in reading retailers are really interested in selling variant covers for Marvel's All-New All-Different Marvel not-a-reboot reboot, the publisher has utterly dominated the October sales charts, according to Diamond. Marvel crushed DC with more than double the unit share, 48% to 23%, and double the dollar share, 44% to 22%. In addition, the company took all ten of the top ten spots with their not-a-reboot and Star Wars comics.

However, what's good news for Marvel's bragging rights might not be great for the industry, and not just because a single company controlling most of the market share is likely to result in bland offerings and less innovation. Overall comics unit sales are down more than 12% from last year, despite all of the hullaballoo from Marvel's relaunch. In addition, the numbers for the newly launched titles are likely to fall drastically, as all nearly comics do after their initial launch; and when that happens, the numbers often drop to lower than they were before the relaunch.

But diminishing returns aside, it looks like Marvel's big reboot relaunch was a huge success, so expect lots of excitement from Axel Alonso in this week's Axel-in-Charge on CBR.

Here's the charts:



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