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CONFIRMED: Frank Miller Had Basically Nothing to Do With Dark Knight III Story

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, November 17 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

CONFIRMED: Frank Miller Had Basically Nothing to Do With Dark Knight III Story

The story will be all Brian Azzarello, which might make for a better comic, but is a blatant example of bait and switch.

Source: Newsarama

Teased in a short article earlier today, Newsarama has published its Frank Miller interview. Though most headlines are focusing on Miller's plans to write a fourth Dark Knight story, what's more interesting to me is the fact that Miller seems to disavow any real involvement in the Dark Knight III story. From the interview:

Newsarama: Frank, I know you always wanted a third part to the story. Did you always know what this third part would be about?

Frank Miller: It is in Brian Azzarello's hands right now, and I thoroughly applaud what he's doing. But now that he's doing his, it's now a four-part series. I'm doing the fourth.


Throughout the interview, when asked about the plot of the current book, Miller glosses over it and talks about his past work on the series, elaborating further:

Where it's going now is much more Brian's purview. But I've seen what he's up to, and I think it's wonderful.


It's Newsarama's intro to the interview, however, which really makes things clear, and also which does its best to obscure the fact that this is a major revelation that's contrary to what we've been told about this series so far. Instead, the intro matter-of-factly states that the series is being "written by Azzarello with Miller's blessing and guidance:"

Miller told Newsarama his story for Dark Knight IV will spin out of what writer Brian Azzarello and artists Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson are doing in the third series beginning November 25. The third chapter, which is being written by Azzarello with Miller's blessing and guidance will be an eight-part miniseries, with each issue featuring one 32-page main story and one 16-page mini-comic focusing on a different character from the Dark Knight continuity.


At this point, it's pretty clear that Miller didn't have much to do at all with the main story in Dark Knight III: The Master Race. And that might not even necessarily be a bad thing; Azzarello is a fine writer, and Miller's modern work hasn't exactly lived up to his classics. Hell, we'd have been a lot less critical of it if we'd known from the start it was all Azzarello, though the book might not have gotten nearly as much hype everywhere else. Regardless, the book is solicited with Miller's name as a writer, and not only that, he's listed before Azzarello, implying he at least has a major part in it. But clearly shown by this last minute interview, this is Brian Azzarello's story, and not Frank Miller's. Which means that DC slapped Miller's name on the cover and made a big deal out of it to boost sales through false advertising, and that's pretty fucking lame.

So when you're deciding whether to pick up Dark Knight III next week, keep in mind that you're buying a book written by Brian Azzarello and not Frank Miller, despite what months worth of promotion and solicits have told you, right up until now, a week before release, and long after orders from retailers have been placed for the first couple of issues. And also: it has been zero days since DC Comics did something stupid (and blatantly dishonest). 

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