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Quesada Dismisses Iron Fist Rumors With Non-Committal Corp-Speak

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, November 19 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Quesada Dismisses Iron Fist Rumors With Non-Committal Corp-Speak

Other headlines say he "debunked" them, but that's not quite what happened, is it?

Source: via CBR

Marvel Chief Creative Officer and one half of the rap due RAA&JQ, Joe Quesada, was interviewed by IGN at the Jessica Jones premiere, and he had some choice words for people who believe the rumors that the Iron Fist Netflix show is being screwed to punish the depowered Marvel Creative Committee. And by choice words, we mean chosen very carefully to reveal absolutely nothing at all.

"Iron Fist' is being worked on. That's all I can say," Quesada told the IGN reporter when asked about the show. Following news that the Marvel Creative Committee, an elite cabal of Marvel Comics loyalists working under the purview of insane billionaire Ike Perlmutter, was stripped of all power over Marvel's movies, rumors started flying that evil Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige was screwing with Perlmutter by canceling the Inhumans movie and possibly preventing the Iron Fist TV show from being made. Later, more rumors suggested that Iron Fist was being made into a movie instead. To that, Quesada replied, "Where did you read these rumors? They were on the Internet? So they must be true."

Setting sarcasm aside, however, Quesada does not actually deny the rumors, or "debunk" them as many headlines have said today. Instead, he just sidestepped them. So you are no smarter about Marvel's Iron Fists plans after reading this article than you were before it. But we are richer in clicks.

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