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Fox Pulls Fantastic Four Sequel to the Surprise of NO ONE!!

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, November 24 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Fox Pulls Fantastic Four Sequel to the Surprise of NO ONE!!

The 2017 sequel to this year's not-so-fantastic clunker has been pulled from Fox's release schedule.


Fox has updated their release schedule and a certain 2017 sequel to the bomb of the summer has been pulled (via Box Office Mojo). Yes friends, it is fully confirmed now. The remake of the popular comic franchise the Fantastic Four has officially Tranked tanked. 

Though this shouldn't come as any surprise given how awful it was (this reporter had the great disgrace of seeing it) and the fact that the blame game was flying all around the project, even if the producer/writer for the movie, Simon Kinberg had a belligerent hope it would still happen.

It is unknown at this moment what Fox will do to fill the void now. Rumors persist that they're going to fast track a Deadpool sequel given the positive buzz, but is it wise to do that so quickly? Of course this also now raises the question: what of the Fantastic Four?

The rights don't expire again until 2022, unless something happens between now and then. I can almost hear Marvel Studio head honcho Kevin Feige cackling madly at whatever deal he and the studio that has now failed twice now to establish a full franchise can work out. Will this be an Amazing Spider-Man redux? Who's to say. 

The only thing now is to pray to our lord and savior Doom in the vain hope a deal is reached, so that, quite possibly, we can FINALLY see the greatest comic book villain adapted right on the big screen.  Also Galactus, his heralds, the Skrulls, Kang, Annihilus, and the other Negative Zone warlords too. 

But really, we just want a live-action Doctor Doom done freaking right. Is it too hard to ask movie gods?! 

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