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The Ice Man COMETH! Your First Look of Gotham's Mr. Freeze!

Written by Zechs on Monday, November 30 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

The Ice Man COMETH! Your First Look of Gotham's Mr. Freeze!

All right everyone- CHILL! We've got Gotham's version of Mr. Freeze!! It's ice to see them show this early and it's also pretty cool!

Look who just came out of the cooler! 

Though the mid-season finale to Gotham airs tonight (supposedly a new trailer for Batman vs. Superman will air too if Hell freezes over). Though chill out everyone. For any concerned for the wait after tonight, we've got our first teaser for their version of Mr. Freeze (via USA Today).  I know it's a cold kind of town to reveal this sort of thing so early from the creators, but I guess they wanted to kick some ice into the festivities early. Here he is as played by Nathan Darrow (Nora Fries will be played by Kristen Hager and it sounds like they're going the "Heart of Ice" route with the pair):



Left you pretty cold doesn't it? Though it's pretty cool as ice? Still, if you can't agree about the look then there's one absolute in this universe: everything FREEZES. Gotham returns on February 29th (yeah that's pretty cold to make us wait that long). FREEZE WELL until then! 

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