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REPORT: WB Making Two New DC Video Games

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, December 01 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

REPORT: WB Making Two New DC Video Games

We know absolutely nothing about them, so we'll just ramble for a few minutes and collect your pageviews.

Source: CBR

According to a report going around the web, Warner Bros Interactive is planning two new DC Comics based video games in the near future. No one knows what those games are, which means websites need to make shit up in order to fill out their articles. So, CBR suggests that one of the games will be a Batman game, and the other game may be a non-Batman game, but will still probably feature Batman, because this is DC, after all. They suggest that one of the two games might also be an open world game. Think Grand Theft Auto Batman, where instead of stealing cars and picking up prostitutes, you beat the crap out of the mentally ill. Unless it's based on Frank Miller's Batman, in which case the prostitute mechanics will remain intact. Have we filled out this article enough? I think so. Look for new articles about these games once somebody actually knows something.

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