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Trailer for "Alexander Skarsgard Topless: The Movie" Features Shockingly Few Shots of Alexander Skarsgard Shirtless

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, December 10 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

Trailer for

What were they thinking?!

In what has to be viewed as one of the biggest marketing fails of our lifetime, Warner Bros. released the trailer for their upcoming film "Alexander Skarsgard Topless: The Movie" and neglected to include more then a few brief shots of Alexander Skarsgard without his shirt on. Sure, there are a few, and they're glorious, but many of the scenes feature Alexander Skarsgard wearing a shirt, or don't feature Alexander Skarsgard at all. We're not sure what Warner Bros. was thinking with this, unless they're hoping to hold back the best shots of Alexander Skarsgard shirtless for paying customers who buy tickets for the film. If we were directing this trailer, we would probably have gone with one long, two minute scene of Alexander Skarsgard, slightly moist with sweat and glistening in the sun, running in slow motion, which really was the obvious choice. In any case, give this disappointing trailer a watch, and look for Alexander Skarsgard's chiseled abs in movie theaters near you next summer. Or gaze at them in our previous article, or in your dreams at night.

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