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'Samurai Champloo' Returns to Toonami

Written by Zechs on Monday, December 14 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

'Samurai Champloo' Returns to Toonami

The "samurai" Cowboy Bebop anime is returning to to the animated action block on January 2nd.

This past weekend the final original episode of Michiko & Hatchi aired. So the eternal question is asked: what will Toonami do to replace it once they're off marathons on January 2nd? Well, they answered that Saturday night by revealing that the anime classic Samurai Champloo would be returning (it originally aired during Adult Swim's anime block on Saturdays and had repetitive airing before being taken off when Toonami returned. 

Lich King Overlord of Toonami, Jason DeMarco answered on Twitter as to why Samurai Champloo was chosen and not a new original anime (he notes that it never aired on the Toonami block, which is totally true even if it was rerun a lot when the anime block was run on Adult Swim). 

As to what was originally considered to replace Michiko & Hatchi, DeMarco confesses they tried to get the rights to Lupin III: The Legend of Fujiko Mine. Why couldn't they get the rights? Because the censors would object to the amount female nudity/fanservice it has. But glorious ultra violence and foul language? That's A-OKAY!


Goddammit America censors. 

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