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DC Goes Bi-Weekly

Written by Gavin D. on Tuesday, December 22 2015 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Goes Bi-Weekly

DC Comics has confirmed its plans to release some titles Bi-Weekly.

Source: CBR

DC, who has spent the past few months watching their market share evaporate, has decided to take a play out of Marvel's book and release some titles on an accelerated schedule. CBR confirmed the rumor that DC Comics has plans to release some books bi-weekly, but the which titles will become bi-weekly has not been announced.

The move makes sense as Marvel's own accelerated schedule has given audiences their favorite titles at a more rapid pace, as long as the fans don't mind that the artwork is a little rough or that the artist changes from issue to issue. Marvel's time with this method has worked out well, as the inevitable exhaustion has led to chronic delays on Secret Wars.

When people think about the best books that the Big Two has created over the past couple of years, they generally think of Batman, Moon Knight, and Hawkeye. These books usually took about a month to make, or in Hawkeye's case, four. Good books take time and not every artist is Charlie Adlard, whose artwork can still suffer some when he's pushed through the bi-weekly schedule of Walking Dead events.

DC has had fortune with Batman Eternal, a series which releases weekly. These books utilize a team of writers and artists to accomplish the task of an issue every week. Perhaps these new bi-weekly DC books will use teams again to meet deadlines. If they did, it would probably look something like the cover credits of Cyborg.

Cyborg #5

Coincidentally, the face is a replica of DC's current health.

We've spent the day debating a Counter reset. On one hand a bi-weekly schedule gives you more of your favorite comics. On the other, historically bi-weekly books have exhausted creators and less detailed art work or a rotating art teammate. Then we realized, this is the DCYou. So who better to decide DC's fate than you? Should we reset the Counter?

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