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The Outhouse Presents: The Best of 2015 Pt. 1

Written by Gavin D. on Monday, January 04 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

The Outhouse Presents: The Best of 2015 Pt. 1

Part One: Writers and Letterers

Another year has passed, and with it we here at The Outhouse wanted to give it a truly original send off. After hours of deliberation we came to the conclusion that nothing would be more original than a Best Of 2015. This year we are proud to- Hey, what're are you doing? Are you scrolling past the intro? Seriously, man, I worked hard on this. Dude, comeback! COMEBACK!



Jeff Lemire - In 2015 Lemire has been nothing short of stellar. Descender answers the question "Do robots dream of robotic sheep?" while Bloodshot takes a gritty character and gives him a purpose. The psychological Canuck has also taken the task of following the acclaimed Fraction/Aja Hawkeye run and has done so gracefully, a near impossible task. He is at the top of his game right now and only stands to improve. -Gavin Dillinger


BKV.jpgBKV Paper Girls

Brian "Wikipedia Says His Middle Name's Keller, But He Says It's Lies" K. Vaughan - Having yet another fanciful year putting quill to parchment for what is arguably the most universally-approved pervy space comic of all time in Saga, while forsaking his vows and allowing The Private Eye to see official print, to laying glorious robot siege in an attempt to claim my homeland (well, mostly its water) for his own in We Stand On Guard, to creating the best use of surprise in Paper Girls (in which I'm still not sure what's actually going on, but damn if it ain't a wonder to behold), to surprising us all with the recent release of the rather phenomenal Barrier (of which I understood precisely half of because I don't speak Spanish and was too lazy to fire up Google Translate)... It's safe to say that we're all doomed, and it's all Mr. K. Vaughan's fault. - Chris Lear


G. Willow Wilson - While perhaps not as grim and gritty a recent years, the comics industry leans towards dark stories and tormented heroes, but G. Willow Wilson exists to brighten everyone's mood. While still creating flawed and human characters, Wilson tosses in levity and fun that is harder to come by than it should be. She has continued to build a staple in the Marvel Universe with Kamala Khan, who she co-created with Sana Amanat and Adrian Alphona. Likewise she has taken A-Force, what could have easily been a throwaway tie-in, and propelled it into an ongoing status. The future looks bright for Wilson, and I can't wait to see her expanded to more prominent characters in the Marvel Universe. Wilson for Spider-Man, anyone? - Gavin Dillinger

Honorable Mention: Stephen Moffat - Moffat took a decades old character and gave him a quirky female companion, breathing new life into a forgotten character. Yes, he's done a great job on Silver Surfer. - Gavin Dillinger





Steve Wands - In Descender Wands developed unique font & text box styles for each robot type or alien species. He also layered the text on top of Dustin Nguyen's artwork without ruining the visuals. Given the softer style of the art, there was high potential for the styles to clash that Wands expertly avoided. - Amanda Comi


Todd Klein- I mean, he's in the running for best modern letterer, so he's got to be in the running for best of this year. It must be damn near impossible to letter acid trips like Sandman: Overture, but Klein always sticks the landing. - Amanda Comi



Crank! - Chris Crank is the man behind several Image titles and just about every Oni Press title. You can often find him spacing bubbles for comedic beats as most of the titles he letters have a quirk to them, like that whole space cow thing in God Hates Astronauts. Clear and seemless, Crank!'s lettering gets the job done while holding the integrity of the story. Plus the guy's nickname makes sense. Take note, Joe Weltjens. -Gavin Dillinger


Honorable Mention: Unknown-  Whoever did the dialogue in Age of Reptiles really nailed it. - Tim Midura


Check in later for Artists, Colorists, Ongoing Series, and Limited Series!

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