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The Outhouse Presents: The Best of 2015 Pt. 2

Written by Gavin D. on Monday, January 04 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

The Outhouse Presents: The Best of 2015 Pt. 2

Part Two: Artists and Colorists

What? Am I supposed to write a paragraph now? I know you just skipped the last one. Don't tease me. You know what, fine. In a medium driven by the visual cues for- REALLY? You're just scrolling down again? Come on!



J.H. Williams - The new Sandman was so pretty it hurt to look at. Between unreasonably beautiful covers and fantastic depictions of the bat shit crazy that spews forth from Gaiman's mind... the guy kind of knocked it out the the park. Then he followed it out of the park, beat it to death in front of its family, and tossed the remains over Niagra Falls. - CajunBean

He's the 1993 Chicago Bulls and/or the Canadian Men's Olympic Hockey Team of comic book art. He's unstoppable. His work on Sandman: Overture reminded us all how much of a better human being he is than the rest of us. Every single page is worthy of being framed and placed in a gallery. I defy everyone to think of anyone even close to that same ballpark. - Chris Lear



James Stokoe - Unencumbered by the specificities of the real world, Stokoe is able to really stretch his legs with Godzilla in Hell. The bleak underworld is a blank canvas for Stokoe's signature scrawling. Every page- and especially the spreads- are tightly detailed explosions of meticulous line work and wild color. While Stokoe's more mundane settings (in other comics) are beautifully rendered, he's really able to let it all loose in the nightmarish ether of Godzilla in Hell's setting. - David Mitchell



Nick Dragotta - I considered quite a few artists for this position, but Dragotta stuck out for his ability to draw action sequences in East of West. Scenes of excessive and quick violence are depicted with fluidity. While many artists may get held up in portray these action sequences to the reader, Dragotta uses the right point of view to and moment in time to present fight scenes in a way which the reader can easily understand and put together. On top of that his cityscapes are breathtaking, especially when you add in Frank Martin's colors. - Gavin Dillinger

Honorable Mention: TBA - To Be Announced is one of the most overlooked workhorses in comics. How many books are announced with TBA as the artist each year, only to have the press release, publisher-approved fluff interview, or puff piece focus solely on the work of the writer? We've seen several discussions throughout the year about artists not getting the credit and respect they deserve in comics, and we should start with the most prolific artist working in comics today. - Jude Terror




David Stewart - Whereas J. H. Williams masterfully scribbled and painted the world of Sandman Overture, it was poor David's task to follow behind a menagerie of madness into a turn it into well woven tapestry of color and coherency. As complex as some page layouts were, without David's flawless color work, this perfectly gorgeous book would have been utterly confusing to gaze upon. - CajunBean



Jordie Bellaire - First of all, she colors most of the books I read. Her style is so diverse on each book, sometimes I don't even know it's her until I look at the credits page in depth. I mean look at the difference between Pretty Deadly and something like Moon Knight. Vastly different, but both beautiful. Especially Pretty Deadly. The colors are so good in that shit. - Matt Garza



FCO Plascencia - Say what you will about the direction of Snyder and Capullo's Batman, But ever since the decision to make 'Zero Year' a much brighter book than what came before, and the decision to keep it that way, the book remains one of the prettiest out there. It's a pretty drastic contradiction to have a Batman book be so enriched by a brightly colored pallet. It's really great. - Matt Garza

Honorable Mention: You - With the rise of adult coloring books and adult coloring variants, why not? It's not like publishers will be honoring colorists anyways. They're used to having their work ignored, or relegated to one a sentence description like "so and so's colors really made the artist's work stand out" in the thousands of reviews that spend 75% of the piece talking about the writer and then shoehorn one paragraph about all the art together in a hastily conceived textual thumbs up before the closer, which in all likelihood involved google searching the credits to find out who it was as an afterthought. So the award goes to whoever wants to take it! We don't care. - Jude Terror

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