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The Outhouse Presents: The Best of 2015 Pt. 3

Written by Gavin D. on Tuesday, January 05 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

The Outhouse Presents: The Best of 2015 Pt. 3

Part Three: Ongoing and Limited Series.

And finally best ongoing and limited series of the- aaaand they scrolled by...


Best Ongoing Series


East of West - The sprawling saga only deepened as readers were given answers and more questions. East of West was more emotional in 2015 than years prior, and the story seems to be building towards a psychological, philosophical, and, most of all, violent climax. Jonathan Hickman explored the world and its cultures this year, but Nick Dragotta and Frank Martin made it more beautiful than he could have possibly imagined. Special applause certainly goes to Rus Wooton whose lettering took Hickman's informative and eloquent but thick dialogue and seamlessly led the reader along. - Gavin Dillinger



Lumberjanes - For pure fun, look no further. It's an all-ages romp, that isn't afraid to touch on some adult themes as well. It's a tale of a group of young girls at a summer camp, trying to earn scout badges, all while building friendships and having adventures. From an all-female creative team (which includes Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, and Noelle Stevenson), featuring an all-female cast with queer inklings, this straight male can't get enough of it. - Tim Midura



Bloodshot: Reborn - This character had a decent run with Valiant's initial reboot. It was violent, and wild, but honestly the character felt a bit 2D and lackluster. Jeff Lemire currently has the reigns, and now "Wolverine+Punisher" has developed some serious depth. Toss in an imaginary mini-bloodshot, a man running from his past, and fresh new villains, and all of a sudden the series is bursting with new life and sweating pure adrenaline. The icing on the cake is the incredible artists like Mico Suayan, Raul Allen, and Butch Guice. - CajunBean

Honorable Mention: Secret Wars - We are almost four months past Secret War's initial end date, and the current end date is likely a suggestion. Marvel has done the impossible with this series. In fact, it may never end! Secret Wars, for your inability to abide by self-endowed limitations we hereby declare you an ongoing series. - Tim Midura


Best Limited Series


Sandman: Overture - OK... I know I have thrown this book out at every turn. But Gaiman is a titan among comic writers, and he so rarely steps into the ring now a days, that when he does it is awe inspiring. The Latest, most likely last, addition to the saga remains true to the somber yet whimsical tone of the Sandman universe. But more importantly it answers long forgotten questions while raising a few more in its own right. A beautiful tale, a beautiful world, and one I was happy to revisit and see concluded this year. - CajunBean



Divinity - Matt Kindt was tasked with telling a self-contained story based around a cosmonaut who had the powers of God. So many things can go wrong writing a story like that, but Kindt did everything right. Divinity was an emotional tale of a man who gained the world and lost what her loved. Everything about the story was both beautiful and heart breaking. Trevor Hairsine, assisted by Ryan Winn's inks, nailed the emotional beats and imagery, hiding clues to the weakness of the cosmonaut throughout the book. David Baron drove the tone with his colors, using solemn darks and galactic contrasting. Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic also deserves credit for her covers which set the mood before there book was even opened. - Gavin Dillinger



The Valiant - Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt created a battle which drove the Valiant universe to a focal point of nightmares. Despite the fact that every Valiant hero made an appearance, Kindt and Lemire wrote an accessible story. This was also helped by Paolo Rivera's precise artwork, which created some of the most memorable splashes of the year. This book serves as a great introduction to the Valiant Universe, and a fantastic adventure for those familiar with it. - Gavin Dillinger

Honorable Mention: Any Other Marvel Series - Yes, we could not say goodbye to 2015 without thanking Marvel for the countless limited series it created. Releasing the books as "ongoing" fooled many into believing that the title would have lasted through the end of the year, but such is not the case. Renumberings are always in order, and Axel Alonso can only count with his fingers so after ten they have to start over or he gets confused. - Gavin Dillinger

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