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Marvel Teases "Dead No More," Better Not Be Referring to Wolverine

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, January 12 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Teases

Then again, Marvel kills off so many characters, it's hard to keep track.

Source: via Major Spoilers

Marvel Comics released a teaser today with nothing but the words "DEAD NO MORE" on a black background. The company recently announced that they would kill a character for their Civil War 2 super-mega-crossover event, marking the approximately 1,465,932nd time the company has killed a character to boost sales of a dumb event comic. So many people die and come back to life in the Marvel Universe with little lasting effect that it's hard to keep track, so this could be pretty much anyone. However, it will probably be Wolverine, because honestly, no one believed he'd stay dead for as long as he has. Here's the teaser in all its cheaply photoshopped glory:


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