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Didn't Hit the Powerball Last Night? No Worries - Rob Liefeld Has You Covered

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, January 14 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Didn't Hit the Powerball Last Night? No Worries - Rob Liefeld Has You Covered

Rob Liefeld is your lotto ticket, according to Rob Liefeld.

Source: Twitter

Reports around the web confirm that at least 3 winning tickets were sold for last night's record $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot, but if you weren't one of those lucky three winners, superstar artist Rob Liefeld has another solution: just be lucky enough to work with Rob Liefeld, which is sure to earn you both fame and fortune.



That's right, Louise Simonson and Fabian Nicieza; Rob Liefeld was your lotto ticket. But it's not just his writing partners who presumably benefitted from the honor of being associated with Liefeld. According to ComicVine, a bevy of inkers, colorists, letterers, and editors worked on New Mutants after Rob Liefeld drew his first cover for the book on New Mutants #85. Assuming Rob Liefeld acknowledges the existence of beings with such lowly duties, we can assume that all of those fine persons were also beneficiaries of the proceeds of working with Liefeld on those books.

Now, a lesser man might degrade himself by doing something as unseemly as thanking all of the individuals who helped contribute to his indisputably massive success in the early nineties by performing comparatively thankless jobs to help bring those comics to fruition. But Rob Liefeld is no lesser man. And so, The Outhouse presents, the list of Rob Liefeld lotto winners, all of whom should probably consider sending Rob a "thank you" note for their brief time spent toiling in his benevolent presence:

  • Louise Simonson
  • Fabian Nicieza
  • Bob Harras
  • Tom DeFalco
  • Brett Blevins
  • Joe Rosen
  • Geoff Isherwood
  • Glynis Oliver Wein
  • Todd McFarlane
  • Bob Wiacek
  • Mike Rockwitz
  • Hilary Barta
  • Brad Vancota
  • Scott Williams
  • Rich Parker
  • Bob Hall
  • Dwight Zimmerman
  • Jeff Albrecht
  • Michael Heisler
  • Nel Yomtov
  • Joe Rubenstein
  • Art Thibert
  • Steve Buccellato
  • Guang Yap
  • Chris Eliopoulos
  • Joe Rosas
  • Brian Murray
  • Mike Mignola
  • Dan Panosian
  • Dana Moreshead
  • Mark Pacella
  • Trevor Scott
  • John Cebollero
  • Mary Siry
  • Marc Gruenwald
  • Richard Starkings
  • Gregory Wright
  • Jon Bogdanove
  • Mark Bagley
  • Peter Sanderson
  • Tim Dzon
  • Tom Vincent
  • Al Milgrom
  • Chris Wozniak
  • Suzanne Gaffney
  • Harry Candelario
  • Terry Shoemaker


Of course, this assumes that only people who worked directly with Liefeld on New Mutants #85-100, New Mutants Annual #5-6, or X-Force #1-13 were lucky recipients of Liefeld's golden touch. If we take into account the crossover event X-Tinction Agenda, which spilled Liefeldy goodness all into Uncanny X-Men and X-Factor, or the X-Force crossover with Spider-Man, as well as the people who worked on these books after Liefeld left to form Image, who surely were also benefiting from the groundwork he laid, nearly the entire comics industry owes Rob Liefeld a debt of gratitude.

Hopefully, all of these people step up and thank Liefeld for being their "lotto ticket." It's the right thing to do.

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