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Deadpool Movie Banned in China

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, January 18 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Deadpool Movie Banned in China

In other news, we're moving to China.

Source: THR

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the entire country of China has stepped up to do what the rest of the world hasn't had the guts to do and ban Deadpool from the country. The official reasons are violence, nudity and graphic language, which apparently cannot be cut from the film to make a special version for China because it would create too many plot holes, causing moviegoers to confuse it with a DC movie. Additionally, the Chinese government cited several other reasons for banning the film, including "too many pouches," stale jokes stolen from 90s pop culture, and "that Rob Liefeld guy being a major dick on Twitter." At press time, Donald Trump had assembled an expert negotiating team to try to force China to show the movie, threatening to impose high tariffs on future Chinese films in retaliation, but ended up mistakenly giving the country control of Florida instead. We'll keep you updated.

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