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Didio Teases #Rebirth-branded Reboot, Followed By New #Afterbirth Universe

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, January 22 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Didio Teases #Rebirth-branded Reboot, Followed By New #Afterbirth Universe

We're coining the term now. Get used to it!

Source: via The Beat

Following up on rumors of a planned DC NuNu52 Nuboot this summer, DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio has sent out the following tweet, teasing a "rebirth" for DC Comics:


What can we expect from a DC Universe that's Born Again? Well, besides annoyingly slipping references to Jesus into completely unrelated casual conversation at every opportunity?

It could simply be a widespread renumbering of all their existing titles (the ones that aren't canceled) and a new batch of #1s, copying the "success" of Marvel's All-New All-Different Marvel which was itself copying the "success" of DC's Nu52 Reboot. It could be a Crisis-style event that fixes all the continuity problems that evolve when comics run for an unmanageable 52 issues without a reboot. It could be a new brighter, more fun DC Universe, free of all the grimdark tones of the Nu52. Maybe it will be so much brighter, and so much more fun, that it will actually go full circle and actually be even more grimdark than the Nu52. Maybe Dan Didio is announcing his intentions to die and be reborn as part of a dynasty that will serve as bald-headed spiritual leader for DC Comics for centuries to come, like the Dalai Lama, but stupider? Who knows?!

All we know is that there's something to this reboot rumor, and even though we all know that it will eventually lead to lower sales than before the reboot, provide a perfect jumping off point for readers, and continue to make mainstream superhero comics less appealing to potential customers in the long run, it will still sell a shitload of copies, which is why DC and Marvel keep going back to this well time and time again and with an ever-increasing frequency.

Also, we're going to take the opportunity right now to coin the term to describe DC's Universe following the #DCRebirth - #DCAfterbirth. You heard it here first.

At this point, I'm pretty comfortable in saying: RESET THE COUNTER!

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