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Holy !@#$ Hi-C is Bringing Back Ecto Cooler!!!

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, February 19 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Holy !@#$ Hi-C is Bringing Back Ecto Cooler!!!

Any complaints about rebooting Ghostbusters have been rendered permanently !@#$ing invalid.

Source: Twitter

As excitement builds for the new Ghostbusters film starring Melissa McCarthyKristen WiigKate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones that hits theaters this July, the most amazing news ever has just hit the internet. As part of promotion for the film, popular sugar water manufacturer Hi-C is bringing back its beloved Ecto Cooler drink!

The news comes to us via the Twitter of Dinosaur Dracula, the 80's and 90's nostalgia blog run by "Matt" from X-Entertainment, which was also an 80's and 90's nostalgia blog, but from before they were called blogs, and before enough time had passed for it to really be considered nostalgia (and also, one of my all-time favorite websites):




Launched in 1989, Ecto Cooler, a green-colored citrus drink branded with Slimer on the box, long-outlived the Ghostbusters movie franchise, lasting until 1997 under that name before being sold as "Shoutin' Orange Tangerine" flavor Hi-C for a few years afterward. The drink has remained a cult favorite ever since, with old cartons selling on the black market for hundreds of dollars and thirsty fans even trying to recreate the formula at home, but now, at long last, it seems the real thing will return in all its delicious green glory!

Will you be dressed up as Slimer waiting in line outside the supermarket on release day? We know we will. Thank you, 2016 Ghostbusters movie! You have earned our eternal gratitude! We'll keep you posted when we learn more about this, the biggest news story in the history of the internet!

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