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See Batman Whine In Doritos Batman v Superman Digital Comics

Written by Tim Midura on Monday, February 29 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

See Batman Whine In Doritos Batman v Superman Digital Comics

Don't settle for just one promotional tie-in!

Source: Yahoo

Not content with just one promotional tie-in comic with Dr. PepperDC has teamed up with controversial Super Bowl ad maker Doritos for more glorious tie-in comic glory to promote the upcoming trainwreck Batman v Superman. The comic is titled Upstairs/Downstairs, unrelated to the masterpiece final album of The Ergs of the same name, and was written by Christos Gage, with pencils by Joe Bennett, inks by Sean Parsons, and colors by Hi-Fi. 


To get your nacho cheese encrusted fingers on this digital comic, you'll have to buy Doritos family mix multipacks at Walmart, where you can read all about Bruce Wayne whining in the batcave to Alfred about the undeservable Superman getting a statue.





You'll only have to wait until March 25 to see if Batman v Superman can top the amount of product placement in Man of Steel.

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