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Outhouse Offers $100 Reward to First Person to Ask About "Superman Office Sexual Harasser" at Wondercon #Rebirth Press Conference

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, March 02 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Outhouse Offers 0 Reward to First Person to Ask About

The event on March 26th will be open to the public and live-streamed on DC's website.

Source: via The Beat

According to a report on The Beat, DC Comics plans to open their press conference that will reveal all the details of their #Rebirth line-wide publishing event to the public. The event takes place at Wondercon on March 26th at 9AM PDT, and attendees will get a free Jim Lee lithograph. Doors open at 7AM and attendance is first-come, first-serve.

The Outhouse will, of course, try to get a reporter into the event, but we have had bad luck with DC at conventions in the past. That being said, this seems like a prime opportunity to ask the publisher tough questions which will almost certainly be squandered by fluff questions from the mainstream comics media.

Luckily, we've got another idea. Last September, Alex de Campi revealed that she'd been told that "one of the most senior editors [in the DC Superman office] is a sexual harasser with multiple incidents on his HR file." Here's an excerpt from her blog post:

Sensation is edited in a special projects/digital office, an office which is sadly under-utilized in the internal turf wars of DC and faces shutdown/restructuring as a senior male staff member finds it unnecessary... despite the plaudits its books (including Sensation) have achieved.

The main Wonder Woman comic is part of the Superman office. Now, the Superman office allegedly employs no women, and a cursory glance over the mastheads of several Superman titles and Wonder Woman seems to confirm that allegation. The reason, I've been told by several people who work or used to work at DC, is because one of the most senior editors is a sexual harasser with multiple incidents on his HR file. I don't use "alleged" here because at least one incident (grabbing a woman's breasts) happened publicly at a corporate social gathering with multiple witnesses. There was also something about sticking his tongue down an artist's girlfriend's throat when the artist was in the bathroom. Again, public gathering.

It is not known to me whether the no-chicks-in-Supes-office diktat is the preference of the harasser, or whether it's the HR department crossing its fingers and hoping to Jesus they don't get hit with a liability lawsuit so big it's visible from space. This guy was kept in the move to Burbank despite his record – allegedly because he has blackmail on one of DC's most senior staff members.


Since that time, though the statement received widespread press coverage, no one, to the best of our knowledge, has asked DC to respond to this, at least in a public interview, and DC has certainly not commented on the matter. So here's the plan.

You go to the Wondercon press conference, which will be covered by all of the major comic book media and probably some mainstream, non-comics outlets as well. You manage to get yourself called on to ask a question at the press conference. You ask some variation of this question:

"Is there any truth to the widely reported allegations from last September that a senior editor in the Superman office is a sexual harasser with multiple incidents on his HR file, and has DC done anything, or do they plan to do anything, to address this problem?"

We will give you $100 as a reward, in case the satisfaction of forcing a major comic book publisher to acknowledge an uncomfortable but serious allegation that's part of a larger issue plaguing the comics industry in front of the entire world isn't reward enough.

Just to be clear, we want you to be totally polite and professional when asking the question. Do not harass anyone from DC Comics or Wondercon. Don't shout, or argue, or do anything that would get you in trouble or discredit the issue. Just ask the question clearly and let them answer. If they ask for clarification, inform them of the September reports. We'll be watching the live stream (in addition to having a reporter at the con), so we'll see it, and you can contact us to verify your identity and collect your reward afterward.

You don't even have to get a good answer. They could totally brush you off, but simply asking the question might cause some of those mainstream outlets to start digging into the issue, or cause fans watching the live stream or reading reports later to look into it.

The challenge is on, readers. See you on March 26th.

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