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DK3 Mini-Comic Proves to Be Too Much Work for Jim Lee; Frank Miller to Take Over

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, March 03 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

DK3 Mini-Comic Proves to Be Too Much Work for Jim Lee; Frank Miller to Take Over

One mini-comic is a lot of work for a single Jim Lee!

Source: Bleeding Cool

According to a report from popular rumormongering website Bleeding Cool, Frank Miller is set to take over art duties on the mini-comic for Dark Knight 3: The Master Race #4, which was originally to be drawn by Jim Lee and Scott Williams. Lee, the first cat to serve as executive of a major comic book company, famously only completes two or three covers per year an devotes the rest of his time to taking long naps in sunny spots on the carpet in DC's Burbank offices, so it's no surprise he would find the task of completing even a "mini" comic daunting. Still, it's another setback for the already delay-plagued series. On the other hand, it does mean that Frank Miller, originally advertised as co-writer but later revealed at the very last minute after all orders had been placed to have basically nothing to do with the comic other than another mini-comic in the first issue, will actually contribute something to it.

We reached out to Lee for comment, but he responded with "meow comment." We'll keep you updated if we learn more.


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