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'Rick & Morty' Production on Season 3 Has Begun!

Written by Zechs on Thursday, March 03 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

'Rick & Morty' Production on Season 3 Has Begun!

Hope springs eternal that we may yet see Rick & Morty Season 3 this year as production for it began last month. We don't want to wait a another year for Season 3 dammit! WE WANT IT THIS YEAR!!


The one thing worse than where we last left Rick & Morty was the promise made by Mr. Poopy Butthole that we'd not be getting new Rick & Morty until April 2017 or later.  Sure, being a Venture Brothers fan, this sort of waiting has become a tradition, with years going by before a new season airs (at least we're given bread crumbs like a Special here or there). But the endurance test here is all the more horrible given where we left the characters on Rick and Morty and the fact that we have zero specials (though the comic by Oni Press and the Adult Swim Game Pocket Mortys somewhat soften the blow).  But like any hardened addict, we yearn for any new info on a new season. 

Well, unless they're horribly trolling us, creative minds behind Rick & Morty have been posting scripts on Twitter along with the crew posting pictures of recording sessions over the past month:







The fact that they're doing this gives hope (at the very slightest) that maybe... JUST MAYBE... we'll be getting new episodes of Rick and Morty by the end of the year.



You guys can't leave us hanging, we're seriously still mind-fucked, gutted, and shattered after that finale. We need closure, man. Like ,serious closure like Season 1 gave us, man. You can't just leave it like that, go Farscape on us, and expect us to just be cool with it, when ya twist the knife by saying a year and a half or more. Some of us are weak willed. We need this show. Anyway, I'll just have to rewatch Season 1 (one Blu-Ray and Digital) and 2 (which is only on Digital, but not on Blu-Ray yet) again. Then just get shattered and mind-fucked again. This is a fucked-up cycle. I need a drink. 

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