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Mark Millar Releases Storyboards and Concept Art for Upcoming Film "Empress"

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, March 07 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Mark Millar Releases Storyboards and Concept Art for Upcoming Film

And we stole them from ComicBook.com and posted them here in an article that's shorter and yet contains more useful information, including the names of some of the artists involved.

Source: ComicBook.com

As part of an interview on ComicBook.com, legendary movie pitchman Mark Millar revealed the concept art and storyboards for his upcoming movie Empress today. Millar, who got his start in the comics business, hired comic artist Stuart Immonen to handle the storyboards for the film. Other popular comics artists including Sean Murphy, Steve McNiven, Skottie Young, Lenil Yu, Mike Deodato, and others also contributed to the concept art, but ComicBook.com didn't bother to credit any of them because comics artists are basically interchangeable props who don't deserve any recognition, so we'll just throw all their pictures together at the bottom of the article with no attribution like they did. About the concept behind Empress, which has already been optioned for a multi-billion dollar franchise (source: who cares, you know it's true), Millar said:

A clocked that Brian Vaughan 'n' Fiona Staples hud a lot o' success wi' thair silly wee comic book Saga 'n' ah thought, whit if ah did something lik' that, bit wi' mair rape 'n' less story depth. O' coorse, movie studio execs basically kip in tents ootdoors mah hoose waiting tae throw dosh at me tae come up wi' freish picture concepts, sae 'twas optioned richt awa' 'n' ah hired a tae o' artists tae draw something up real quick. Ah said, mak' it lik' Starn Trek or Starn Wars or something, bit think o' it lik', whit if Luke Skywalker wur a real hurdie. Ye ken? wi' loads o' cursing 'n' stuff. Bugger if ah mind th' aw the info, a've awready come up wi' seven freish movie ideas sin ah thought o' this.


Read the full interview here. Here's the concept art and storyboards:


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