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Zendaya Cast as Michelle in Upcoming Spider-Man Reboot

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, March 07 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Zendaya Cast as Michelle in Upcoming Spider-Man Reboot

The Disney Channel and Dancing with the Stars star brings the first big casting news other than Peter Parker.

Source: Deadline

According to a report from Deadline, singer-actress Zendaya has been cast for a lead role in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot starring Tom Holland. Zendaya will reportedly play Michelle in the movie, which is great news for fans of the character, who... wait a minute, who the fuck is Michelle? It's possible that Zendaya will play Michelle Gonzales, a character who first appeared in 2009 and served as a love interest for Peter Parker, but the movie is set in high school, so she would need to be changed around a bit. Or she could be a new character entirely. If nothing else, we've filled up this article with enough words to make it worth your click, so we're gonna call it a wrap. Spider-Man is set to hit theaters in 2017.

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