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REPORT: Satisfied Nick Spencer Slept for Two and a Half Hours Last Night After Hillary's Primary Wins

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, March 16 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

REPORT: Satisfied Nick Spencer Slept for Two and a Half Hours Last Night After Hillary's Primary Wins

It's the most Spencer has slept in a single span since Hillary Clinton first announced her candidacy in April of 2015.

Following Democratic primary victories for Hillary Clinton in all five states last night, part time comic book writer and full time online political commentator Nick Spencer reportedly slept for an uninterrupted two and a half hours, according to records released by the social media service. Spencer, who tweeted more than 160 times (and counting) about Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations between yesterday evening and this morning, has dedicated all of his waking hours to tweeting about Hillary, but following an upset loss in Michigan, even that hasn't been enough to satisfy Spencer's sense of duty. However, Clinton's decisive victory in last night's races seem to have eased some of Spencer's worry that Clinton might not be coronated as Democratic nominee as soon as possible, allowing him to drop his guard, if only for a brief time.

"Make no mistake though, Bernie is done," Spencer tweeted shortly after the primary results were in, but still several hours before falling into what sources said could only be described as a well-deserved and satisfied slumber. "If Michigan didn't turn it around nothing will. Media will not be swayed by Washington or Wisconsin." Just a few hours later, sources close to Spencer revealed that he willingly placed his computer into "sleep mode" and laid down on the couch in his office for an intentional nap, rather than passing out at his keyboard like he reportedly does most nights. Confirming reports, records demonstrate a clear two and half hour gap between tweets, beginning at exactly 2:56AM; Spencer would not tweet again until 5:30.


Spencer, who has been the single most important driving force in Hillary Clinton's candidacy through his literal non-stop barrage of tweets praising her and scolding anyone who supports another candidate, especially Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, seemed to be in a particularly jovial mood following Clinton's victories in Ohio, Florida, Missouri, Illinois, and North Carolina. Clinton's promising performance finally allows Spencer to shift some of his attacks from Sanders to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, a change which friends and family members suggest may have provided Spencer the sense of relief needed to let his guard down and sleep for such an unusually prolonged period of time. Spencer's sleep was said to be restful as he hugged a Hillary Clinton plush doll tightly and moved his thumbs rapidly in what witnesses described as "probably dream-tweeting."

Earlier this month, Spencer's secondary job as a writer at Marvel Comics was endangered when the company was forced to seek fill-in writers to cover for Spencer so he could spend more time tweeting about Hillary Clinton. However, representatives from Marvel released a statement this morning praising Spencer for deciding to "finally get some sleep," and expressing hope that he will "finally turn in a script that doesn't contain disconcerting, semi-coherent threats of violence toward editors suspected of supporting Sanders scrawled in the margins in what appears to be ink made from a mixture of urine and coffee."

This morning, sources report that Spencer is feeling rejuvenated after his unprecedented respite, and plans to redouble his efforts to secure Hillary Clinton the Democratic nomination followed by the presidency. "He probably won't need to sleep again for several weeks," one close confidant told The Outhouse. We'll keep you updated.

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