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C2E2: Livid Mark Waid Turns All-New All-Different Avengers Panel Into "Superman Doesn't Kill" Tirade

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, March 18 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

C2E2: Livid Mark Waid Turns All-New All-Different Avengers Panel Into

Attendees to the Marvel panel got more than they expected when an angry Waid changed the subject at the last minute.

Source: CBR

Mark Waid hosted an All-New All-Different Avengers panel at C2E2 today, but things took an awkward turn when the hot-headed Waid, fresh off a Twitter bender of arguing about Superman killing in Man of Steel, renewed his crusade against anyone who thinks Superman killing is okay. CBR was on hand to witness the event live, and we've gathered some key moments from their report:

"What happened was, we knew we wanted to do a classic Avengers team, which means Thor, Captain America and Iron Man," said Waid, kicking off the panel. "That's an interesting, diverse cast. Who else do we have in the Marvel Universe? Miles Morales Spider-Man, Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel and Sam Alexander Nova. Diversity is not a trend, it's the real world. Being able to lean into that has been great. Blah blah blah are we done here? Okay, let's get down to business."

Waid then pulled up a slide showing Superman snapping Zod's neck in the 2013 film. "Anyone who thinks Superman kills doesn't know anything about Superman," Waid yelled, gesturing at the crowd threateningly. "Is there anyone here who thinks Superman would kill? Show yourselves, you cowards!"

"Look, I know some people thought I was being out of line on Twitter last night," Waid admitted. "I didn't know it was a god damn crime to block someone who annoys you, okay! Jeeze! I mean Jeeze! I didn't know it was the god damn worst thing ever!"

"I'm just a man trying to tweet about Superman!" the increasingly incensed Waid yelled, flipping over a table. "Superman doesn't kill!"

Waid challenged anyone in the crowd who thought Superman would kill to "come up and say it to his face," and at one point spent five straight minutes stomping on a Blu Ray copy of Zack Snyder's film. "How do you like it? How do you fucking like it?!" Waid shouted as he pummeled the Blu Ray. "Not very fucking much!"

Waid then moved on to a Q&A session with the crowd. Asked if he had any apprehension about taking over Avengers after Jonathan Hickman's run, Waid responded that Superman only killed "in what-if stories and when being written by fucking assholes that don't know a god damn thing about Superman." Asked when the Wasp would appear in the book during Avengers Standoff, Waid said that "little fucking pricks" who write articles on Forbes about Superman killing are "disgracing the comics medium and everything it stands for."

Asked if he was feeling okay, Waid responded, "Yeah, sure, I'm fine. Why?"

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