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Diamond Streamlines the Process for Ignoring Retailers

Written by Gavin D. on Saturday, March 19 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Diamond Streamlines the Process for Ignoring Retailers

Because if they truly wanted to improve, they would do the most basic portion of their job.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Diamond Distributors, the company which is not a monopoly but is also the only company which distributes Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, Valiant, Oni, IDW, and Boom books, announced that they have added a suggestion box to their Point of Sale program. Diamond is notorious for shipping damaged products and being difficult for retailers to work with, and this suggestion box allows retailers to suggest improvements to Diamond.

But seeing as Diamond has already known they have a problem with just shipping books in a reasonable condition, one can only assume that they aim to streamline the process of ignoring retailers. No longer will Diamond representatives have to fain interest on telephone lines. Now they can simply delete the messages sent to them through the POS system. This is part of Diamond's continuing effort to infuriate store owners who just want to sell comic books.

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