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Ali Jaffery the Hunk Interviews Man Who Will be Watching Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice for 30 Days In A Row Who Is Also Ali Jaffery the Hunk

Written by Ali Jaffery the Hunk on Wednesday, March 23 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Ali Jaffery the Hunk Interviews Man Who Will be Watching Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice for 30 Days In A Row Who Is Also Ali Jaffery the Hunk


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This Thursday, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out. Warner Bros. has teamed up with theater chain, Regal Cinemas to issue a 1000 count, limited edition BVS Unlimited pass card for $100 ('Unlimited' meaning it is redeemable for 1 view every 24 hours while it plays in theaters.)

Today I, Ali Jaffery the Hunk, will be interviewing a person who, not only bought one of these cards, but actually plans to watch Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice every day, for 30 straight days.

Here with me is Ali Jaffery the Hunk:

Ali: So how are you? Are you excited?

Ali: I am great! You look great! Do you have a spouse? I don't see a ring.

Ali: Let's keep this professional, Ali.

Ali: Right, Right, Right. Right. Yeah, I am pretty excited. Pret-ty, pret-ty, pret-ty excited. What am I excited about?

Ali: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Jus-

Ali: -perman: Dawn of Justice! Yes, can't wait for this Friday.

Ali: Thursday.

Ali: Thursday! Even better.

Ali: So, were you a big fan of 'Man of Steel'?

Ali: I...uh, is Mark Waid here?

Ali: No.

Ali: It's fine. I mean, it is what it is. Wasn't for me. Too much misplaced grit, like sawdust in your soup. They have a vision at Warner Bros. They set the tone of their world; if they want to change it to ape a more light hearted nature, they will need to show that metamorphosis on camera to prevent a chance of making the new pace jarring.

Ali: So you think BVS will be lighter?

Ali: I think it will try. I think their mantra is 'epic.' Epic tales of epic characters in epic actions, modern gods or what have you.

Ali: Have you seen the reviews? They aren't looking good.

Ali: I haven't, Ali. I have to watch this film 30 times in a row. I wanted to build on my own impressions from the get go.

Ali: Why 30 days in a row?

Ali: You ever watch 'Super Size Me'?

Ali: Yes.

Ali: Ok, there you go.

Ali: How do you plan on watching it every 24 hours?

Ali: I set my viewings around my work schedules, writing it up that said night and posting a daily review the following day.

Ali: Do you think this will make it difficult to be with your friends and loved ones for the next 30 days?



Ali: We're very alone.

Ali: Indeed. I guess my final question for you, Ali, is: why?

Ali: I have a theory. This movie is being aggressively pushed. Pop cans, and nacho chips, and tiny, widdle boomboxes... cereals... KFC, Jeeps. Warner Brothers wants everyone to watch this movie or know its presence. They threw in Batman and then all of the Justice League to spin off from this film. Its hands are far reaching and I feel like something is afoot. I can't, quite put my finger on it, but I know I can find the answers in the film. 

Ali: Thank you for coming in, Ali.

Ali: My pleasure. Oh, hey! You doing anything Saturday?

Ali: Yeah, I have to see BVS for the third time.

Ali: Right, right, right. Right.

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