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Wondercon: DC Reveals Details of #Rebirth/#Afterbirth at Anticipated Press Conference

Written by Jude Terror on Saturday, March 26 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Wondercon: DC Reveals Details of #Rebirth/#Afterbirth at Anticipated Press Conference

It's the moment we've been waiting for. Well, flinching for really. LIVE coverage at The Outhouse!

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DC Comics is revealing the details of their #Rebirth not-a-reboot reboot event and its #Afterbirth fallout at Wondercon right now. You can follow along with the live stream. Will we learn what this whole mess is all about? Will anyone die of alcohol poisoning while playing 52 Shots: The DC #Rebirth Drinking Game? Will someone ask DC about their sexual harassment problems and win $100 from The Outhouse?! Will we reset the counter... AGAIN?! Find out with our live coverage below. We'll be updating this article with news as the conference continues.

12:01PM - DC kicked off their highly anticipated Wondercon press conference, which had been displaying a countdown on their YouTube page for the past hour, with... another countdown. Looks like DC is going to be thirty minutes late to their own party. Could this have anything to do with Bleeding Cool rumors that DC was scrambling to finish getting ready for the press conference they'd been advertising for more than a month?

12:03PM - The countdown has now begun to play dramatic music.

12:10PM - Every time we look at the live chat next to DC's YouTube stream, someone is spoiling Batman v. Superman.

12:14PM - Based on statistical analysis, "Fire Zack Snyder" is the most commented comment in the live stream.

12:15PM - If you have a PS4, you can livestream this sucker on your TV. Benefit: no chat spoilers. Downside: Dan Didio's face in full HD.

12:29PM - Livestream suddenly cuts into countdown, reveals Dan Didio, Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, and Bob Harras carrying a body wrapped in a carpet. All four men freeze and stare at the camera. Feed cuts out and countdown resumes.

12:31PM - This shit is finally starting. Poor flash animation kicks off the show.

12:33PM - Tiffany Smith is hosting the panel. 11 empty chairs await. She announces Dan Didio and Jim Lee. Lee welcomes everyone to the event and is wowed by the ability to communicate with fans around the world live. You know, the internet. Lee gives a rambling thank-you speech to the crew, Wondercon, Diane Nelson, and "the fanatical supporters of DC Comics" - all three of them that are left. Lee says he realizes that comics are the source material for the other media and that DC has to keep it "vibrant and exciting. That's what Rebirth is about."

12:36PM - Didio explains "why Rebirth and why now." Didio is proud of his time at DC. He digresses into a recap of his favorite moments: Infinite Crisis, The New 52. Didio says "sometimes we lose our way a little bit and lose our connection with fans." Rebirth is a recommitment to you, the fans, to show "we care as much as you about these characters." Something was missing from the Nu52. Didio brings the person missing on stage who exemplifies what DC is about: Geoff Johns.

12:38PM - Johns is psyched to be here. Fucking get on with it already. Every time Johns walks into Didio's office, Dan has "crazy idea grenades." Sounds dangerous. Shocker - Didio suggested ending the current line at number 52. Johns is "skeptical" as a comics fan of the word reboot. Rebirth is not a reboot. It's a "chapter in the ongoing saga since 1938 in Action Comics #1." Rebirth is special to Geoff Johns. Johns is now talking about Green Lantern: Rebirth. At some point they'll start actually talking about the new event. Maybe. Hopefully.

12:39PM - DC demonstrates amazing split screen technology:


12:41PM - Johns feels "legacy" is a big part of DC, and is missing. He reveals cover and creative team of Rebirth one-shot:


12:43PM - Johns promises the special will return a lot of characters, might kill a character, will reveal the biggest secret in the DC Universe ever. Lee starts talking now, kissing Geoff Johns' ass. Lee is practically eating his asshole right now. They show some character resdesigns as Lee admits he went too far with the high collars in the last reboot.




12:46PM - 17 twice monthly shipping. 14 monthly books. Didio hears concerns about cost. They are bringing the price of books down. Entire line will be $2.99. "Not about selling less books to less people for higher prices." All about great stories. Nice!

12:48PM - Fans and pros share their favorite memories. Greg Rucka talks about 52. Leaves out his tempter tantrum ragequit of the company, now that he works for them again. Ben Affleck praises Dark Knight Returns.

12:49PM - Smith welcomes the Bat Family. Tom King on the new Batman. James Tynion on Detective Comics. Tim Seeley on Nightwing. Hope Larson on Batgirl. Julie Benson and Shawna Benson on Batgirl and the Birds of Prey.

12:52PM - King talks about bringing his experience working for the CIA to Batman. Some preview images are shown:



12:53PM - Tynion on Detective: Spoiler, Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain in new identity, Clayface. Batman boot camp run by Batman and Batwoman.


12:55PM - Seeley talks about Nightwing. About a legacy of superheroes. New mentor character named "Raptor." He will be "your new favorite action figure. The title of the first story is "Better Than Batman."


12:56PM - Larson talks Batgirl. Will be taking Batgirl out of Burnside, to Asia on a backpacking trip. Will level up as a superhero.


12:58PM - The Someone is pretending to be Oracle, so Batgirl recruits Black Canary and Huntress. New mob boss in Gotham is hiring hitmen, Snake Squad.



1:00PM - Lee addresses "elephant in the room." Where is Scott Snyder? Lee brings out Snyder and John Romita Jr. They will be doing a new book - All Star Batman.


Snyder still has a lot of stories to do with Batman villains. Snyder will invite best artists in the business to do big stories, in continuity, with the villains. "Batman, Road Warrior, Death Race, on the road, every assassin chasing him, monster trucks, chainsaws..."


1:05PM - Lee announces Snyder is signed to EXXXCLUSIVE deal at DC Comics. Will guide destinies of characters for a long time.

1:06PM - The Superman family comes out. Dan Jurgens on Action Comics. Gene Yang on New Superman. Steve Orlando on Supergirl. Liam Sharpe on Wonder Woman. Jurgens is excited to get Action Comics to #1000. Lee suggests 1000 variant covers. Superman from Lois and Clarke comes to Metropolis. Lex Luthor has declared himself "Superman of Metropolis." Doomsday will show up. New Clark Kent who isn't Superman. This makes no more sense to us than it does to you.




1:09PM - Yang talks New Superman. Kenji Kong, 17 year old kid from Shanghai. Shanghai is like a real world Metropolis. Kenji gets infused with Superman's powers, and they affect his heart as well, making him less of a dick.


1:11PM - Orlando talks Supergirl. Her experience as an outsider makes her unique. Cyborg Superman returns and is revealed to be Carol's father. (Spoiler!) He wants to make her life better and give her everything she wants, but he's a villain. He wants to bring her back to Krypton, but when she gets there, something is "twisted." Could be her worst nightmare.


1:14PM - Didio announces more titles:


1:16PM - Lee calls Liam Sharpe fat and bald. Says he's a natural artist for Wonder Woman. Lee loves his costume design - that's a bad sign. Sharpe calls Wonder Woman the greatest female character of all time. Wants to bring mythic history to character, make her feel authentic. Talks about receiving scripts from mysterious, "redacted" writer.


1:18PM - Johns reveals that Greg Rucka is the Wonder Woman writer. Rucka comes onstage wearing the same outfit he always wears. He has a closet full of hoodies and wool caps like Charlie Brown.


1:19PM - Rucka gets offended and quits DC three times during the press conference, but ultimately decides to stay on. There will be two simultaneous stories. Odd number issues drawn by Sharpe, contemporary Diana. Even numbered issues will be Wonder Woman Year One by artist Nikola Scott.

1:21PM - Justice League family comes out. Tony Daniel on Justice League. Josh Williamson on Flash. Robert Vendetti on Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. Sam Humphries on Green Lanterns. John Semper on Cyborg. Dan Abnett on Aquaman.


1:23PM - Daniel calls Hitch the "perfect partner in crime." Book will be extremely delayed. Two rookie Green Lanterns on the team - Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz. Big cataclysmic worldwide event. Epic adventure. Daniel says some panels taking him three days to draw. Look for the second issue in 2018.


1:25PM - Johns says anyone who wants to be a writer can be a writer. Example: Josh Williamson. A sweaty Williamson had to wrestle Didio for the job. Speed Force storm shows up over Central City and starts creating dozens of new speedsters. Some want to be a hero, some are afraid of powers, some become criminals. One becomes a killer - new villain, Godspeed. Williamson can't pronounce his artist's name.



1:28PM - Johns has a hard-on for anyone who touches Green Lantern. He gladly turns the character(s) over to Vendetti. Sinestro parks Warworld in center of Universe where Oa was. Story picks up from there. John Stewart will be in the book.



1:30PM - Johns will co-write Rebirth Green Lantern one-shot with Humphries. Book will star Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz. Rookie Green Lanterns, partners, like Lethal Weapon with alien technology. They have to patrol the most treacherous sector in space: Earth. Red Lanterns are the villains of the book. Earth is central to survival of Red Lanterns, but humans are expendable.


1:34PM - Semper comes from animation, worked on Spider-Man animated series and Static Shock. Didio and Johns blow him on stage. Semper sums up series with one word: soul. Humanity so attached to technology, hard to tell one from the other. Cyborg is already living the singularity. Where does the soul of the machine end and the soul of man start? More machine than human or more human than machine. CALL HIM THE PSYCHOTRON. Duh duh duh duh. Sorry. Besides being space-faring superhero, Cyborg is also a black man living in detroit.


1:36PM - Dan Abnett looks so sad without his lifemate, Andy Lanning. Lanning calls Aquaman primary character of DCU, but most misunderstood. For example, Abnett things Johns made Aquaman cool, which is a huge misunderstanding. Aquaman wants to make Atlantis part of the world. Brad Walker, who worked with Abnett on Guardians of the Galaxy, joins him on the book. Cool! Johns calls Mera one of the great female characters.


1:40PM - Abnett is also on Titans. "We've got Nightwing, Donna Troy, Arsenal, Garth." Book is about friendship. Abnett not allowed to spoil any details. Titans will spring right out of DC Universe Rebirth. Didio wants to spoil Justice League 50 though. Brings out Jason Fabok.


1:41PM - Jason Fabok blows Geoff Johns for a full minute. After a two minute return handjob from Johns, they reveal talk about Batman getting on Mobeus chair. What did the chair tell Batman that Batman said was impossible? We will find out in Justice League #50.


1:44PM - New creators come out. Harley Quinn team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connor. Phillip Tan on Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn is twice monthly! Connor: More of the same craziness, but even crazier. Palmiotti: It's a book about fun. Connor steals our "Afterbirth" joke. Remember, we coined that. 


1:47PM - Jim Lee working with Rob Williams and Tan on twice monthly Suicide Squad book. Lee understands only a moron would think he could meet that deadline. Reveals there will be teams of artists to pick up the slack on all books. Team is Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Katana, Flagg, Boomerang. There are others that will remain a surprise. Weird, fun pairing between Killer Croc and Harley Quinn.


1:50PM - Amanda Connor is DC Comics EXXXCLUSIVE. Didio jokes(?) that she and Palmiotti are swingers, and she is not always EXXXCLUSIVE to Palmiotti. Good for them. Connor promises a lot more guest stars in Harley Quinn including Power Girl and Ivy.

1:52PM - Smith and Johns reveal the rest of the books in a LIGHTNING ROUND!










1:54PM - Preview book in stores April 13th. Digitally next week. Lee reveals full cover of Rebirth Special along with some panels. We'll learn who that hand is on the right. Characters return. Fate of another character sealed. Biggest secret in DC Universe. 80 Pages. Book starts with Batman trying to solve big problem with the Joker. Even though book is 80 pages, Didio will honor commitment - $2.99. Fuck yeah! Don't know how any of the rest will work out, but the price point is DC doing something right.






1:56PM - The cast of Batman v. Superman kiss Rebirth's ass in video. They then show a sizzle reel of art from #Rebirth. We'll try to get that for you later. Too fast to screencap. The panel ends. No one was allowed to ask questions, so no one wins that hundred bucks.



I hope you enjoyed my live coverage of this. Now I'm taking a break from the internet for a few hours.

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