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Marguerite Bennett Launches Patreon After Losing "Major Project"

Written by Jude Terror on Saturday, March 26 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Marguerite Bennett Launches Patreon After Losing

The launch coincides with Bleeding Cool's rumor that Bennett was replaced by Greg Rucka on Wonder Woman.

Source: Patreon

With DC's #Rebirth titles and creative teams confirmed, and Greg Rucka officially writing Wonder Woman, we know that the original rumored Wonder Woman writer, Marguerite Bennett, does not have a DC Comics title in the works. Coinciding with this, but without a concrete confirmation that Wonder Woman was taken from Bennett to give to Rucka, Bennett has launched a Patreon campaign, writing:

I recently lost a major project shortly after a rather expensive surgery, and as I struggle to rebuild my 2016, I was hoping to be able to interact directly with you all, without a publisher, and share some art, writing, behind the scenes stories, how-to's, journal entries, nonfiction, analysis, and anything else that isn't exactly in the superheroes-and-insect-lesbians forte of my mainstream publications.


Somewhat ironically, Rucka left DC Comics in a huff in 2012, complaining that DC gave the Wonder Woman: Earth One graphic novel, which they promised to him, to Grant Morrison instead. If it's true that Rucka replaced Bennett on Wonder Woman after three scripts were written and approved, as Bleeding Cool reported, then it would seem a bit hypocritical of Rucka to take the job from another writer in light of his previous comments:

I was told I was not going to do it. Dan Didio called me and told me he was giving it to someone else. And I said if you take that away from me I can no longer work for you because I have taken many a job for you, sir, on the promise of doing this and now you're taking it away and I can no longer accept your promises any more. He had his reasons for doing it; this is not me throwing stones. This is just the way things shook out.


Though, again, it is still, at this point, a rumor. Here's some of what Bennett hopes to offer patrons:

Journal Entries

Journal entries will be frequent small pieces, usually consisting of answering your questions or offering advice on writing, publishing, and the industry in general. Occasionally I imagine these will be a bit more editorial--analysis of the work of others, of movies, of books, and what we can learn about storytelling from them--but largely, I would like to answer here whatever questions you might have for me. These will be under the $1 tier.


This is the most nebulous category, spanning the widest content and most tiers. I was a prose writer before I was ever a comic writer, and I am not yet entirely certain what will be contained herein. I imagine this will hold more personal reflections and interactions--a more intimate journal, essentially, that is not just a catalogue of my comings and goings, but is intended to be a piece of art. If you are familiar with my work in THE SECRET LOVES OF GEEK GIRLS, that is likely close to what prose will offer. Given the intimate nature of some of the posts, more casual content will be available at the $1 tier, and more intense autobiography will be at the $10 tier, and will span the tiers between.

Illustrated Quotes

A full description of the illustrated quotes is actually available here: I very much hope you enjoy them. These are the only pieces of traditional visual art I can offer, and will be available at the $5 tier, with one quote posted each week.

Script Dissections

This will be the most formal section of the Patreon, wherein I post scripts I have written for my published work, including a link to the comic (for purchase on Comixology if you do not have a copy of your own--forgive me, the actual complete comic is the property of the publisher, and I cannot offer it), so that you might see how the story went from concept to structure to execution. I hope this will be especially insightful to fans of specific characters and useful to up-and-coming writers and artists curious about the process of others. These will be available at the $10 tier, and will be posted once a month.

Short Stories

These will be original works of prose, ranging in length from approximately 6 pages to perhaps 20, in some of the longer ones. I do hope to one day publish a book of short stories, particularly of horror and some nonfiction of my childhood in the South, but until then, I do hope you enjoy this mix of fantasia, erotica, fairy tale, horror, and memoir. These will be available at the $15 tier, with one story posted each month.


If any of that interests you, or if you feel that the (rumored) actions of DC Comics are unfair and want to help out, we encourage you to head over to Patreon and sign up. Though, Bennett herself doesn't offer such a hard sell:

You already have my boundless gratitude, and please, feel in no way indebted, guilted, or begged to contribute. I mean very much to earn my keep, and thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for having ever supported me.


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