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Add Another One To The Pile: 'Civil War II: Kingpin' Announced

Written by sdsichero on Monday, April 04 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Add Another One To The Pile: 'Civil War II: Kingpin' Announced

Bring on the bad guys.

Source: KINGPIN Corners The Market In CIVIL WAR II

Outhouse Shocker! Marvel isn't done introducing new Civil War II tie-ins. Even though they announced a buttload of tie-ins, and solicited them for June when the event starts, there are other months in the year. Today Marvel has announced a new mini-series that will tie in to the event, Civil War II: Kingpin, which will head to shelves in July.

Civil War II: Kingpin will be a 4-issue mini written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz. The series has Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin of Crime taking advantage of the civil war between the heroes. Rosenberg describes Fisk's motives:

"Wilson Fisk is an opportunist, first and foremost. Under his selfish motives, his brutal exterior, or even the facade he puts up as a pillar of his community, he is a man who sees ways to benefit himself and he takes them" … "He's smart and very capable. When we first meet him the crime business is not an easy one to still be a part of, and he is adjusting to that. But when Fisk figures out a way to make things work for himself he has no choice. It's his nature to go for it."


Kingpin won't be alone in his title. Rosenberg says that they'll be other dastardly characters in the title… not only the heroes (who will be around as well):

"A lot of this book is about what the mice get up to when the cats are at war with each other. So it is very villain-heavy, but of course some good guys are going to be sniffing around Fisk" … "There are certain characters in the Marvel universe who aren't going to let people like Fisk runaround unchecked, even with everything else going on."


Civil_War_II_Kingpin_1_CoverAaronKuder.jpgCivil War II: Kingpin #1 cover by Aaron Kuder


Civil_War_II_Kingpin_1_Ribic_Variant.jpgCivil War II: Kingpin #1 variant cover by Esad Ribic


Though Civil War II starts in June, and Civil War II: Kingpin in July, you can get a peek at what the event is about on Free Comic Book Day May 7, in the Civil War II/All-New All-Different Avengers comic.

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