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Wizard World Ignores Outhouse Warnings, Launches Convention Cruise

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, April 05 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Wizard World Ignores Outhouse Warnings, Launches Convention Cruise

Why doesn't anyone ever listen to us?!

Source: Newsarama

Back in January, Ryan Stegman had a crazy idea...


But Outhouse ace reporter GHERU had some good reasons why this would be a really terrible idea:

The Outhousers Top Ten Responses To Ryan Stegman's Tweet:

  1. Do you want to see the average comic con going patron in a swim suit? You've seen Jude Terror, right?
  2. Its nearly impossible to get Namor and Aquaman's representatives to agree on anything, let alone the licensing rights for a cruse.
  3. In an industry where sexual harassment is rampant you want everyone to climb on a boat and get drunk together?
  4. Jack Kirby's heirs have already sued for royalties.
  5. The sea air would ruin the products
  6. Never invited to CBR's yacht, I take it.
  7. Gathering the entire comics community on one boat would make too tempting a target for terrorists hoping to wipe out America's Twitter argument arsenal.
  8. Think about it; 7 days surrounded by people who would want to go on a Comic Convention Cruise
  9. What if Trump is elected while we're in international waters? We might not be able to get back in.
  10. Alan Moore would just complain that he came up with the idea before Carnival Cruises stole it.


However, despite these clear and obvious warnings, it looks like Wizard World, known as the convention you go to if your city doesn't have any good conventions, is going ahead with launching an actual comic convention cruise anyway (but fuck you, Ryan Stegman - no royalties for you). The company is planning a cruise this December that will leave from Miami and cruise the Bahamas on a three day trip with The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus. Because December sounds like a great time for a cruise - icebergs and ocean liners go great together! The cruise will take place on the ship The Norwegian Sky and will be run in conjunction with Rose Tours. Prices start at $749, along with your sanity and possibly your life!

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