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DC Begrudgingly Announces Artist for Flintstones Reboot

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, April 08 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Begrudgingly Announces Artist for Flintstones Reboot

Because someone had to draw this thing, we guess.

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Back in January, DC Comics announced that they would reboot the Hanna Barbera universe with a collection of gritty takes on such properties as Scooby Doo, The Flintstones, and Wacky Races. At the time, we were somewhat confused, because to learn the creative teams of these books, you had to follow a series of clues starting in a hectic Entertainment Weekly article and ending somewhere in Dan Didio's Tinder profile.


Even after completing the scavenger hunt, we still didn't know who was drawing the Flintstones book by Prez writer Mark Russell, and DC was all like, too bad, we announced we're rebooting it, we're done here, right? How important is the artist to this whole process anyway? If everybody in the marketing department closes their eyes and squeezes their sphincters tightly enough, fully formed grim and gritty Flintstones comics will just pop into existence through sheer force of will and cross-branded synergy, and then everyone can go the fuck home and move on with their lives.

Well, it turns out it's not so simple, and DC needed an artist after all, and if you really have to know, it's Steve Pugh. Okay? Are you happy now? Are you fucking satisfied?

Now that that's over with, we can also tell you that The Flintstones will kick off with a 40 page "extra-sized premiere" issue, which will see Fred and Barney, both of whose parents were brutally murdered by criminals in completely unrelated incidents, dishing out ultra-violent justice on the streets of Bedrock. Someone is gonna get an arm ripped off. Multiple someones, probably. And a dinosaur. One thing's for sure: if you're a lawbreaker, the last thing you want to do in a dark alley late at night is "meet the Flintstones."

Here's some variant covers. If you want to know who drew them, you're going to have solve word jumbles, and even then, we'd be lying if we said we bothered to put the right cover above the right puzzle:


Variant Cover by uvg ehStPe


Variant Cover by oti WnonslaSm


Variant Cover by nuyst ueNDgni


Variant Cover by ns RIevai


Here's the official solicit. This thing will be in stores on July 6.

Fans will be introduced to the town of Bedrock, where Paleolithic humans dine on artisanal prepared mammoth after shopping at the Neandertall & Big Men's Clothing stores, get the latest news via cave painting, and folks drive foot-powered cars. Join Fred and Barney as Mr. Slate sends them on a mission to show some Neanderthals a night on the town in hopes of luring them into this new system of "working for a living" -- in his quarry, of course! Find out what happens to Fred and the gang when they finally get to learn how Bedrock's "one percent" lives in this satirical take on life in the world's first civilization this summer!

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