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DC Redesigns Superman's Uniform For The Umpteenth Times Infinity Time.

Written by Juan Cena on Tuesday, April 12 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Redesigns Superman's Uniform For The Umpteenth Times Infinity Time.

Superman gets a makeover...again.

Source: Bleeding Cool

LOOK, UP IN THE SKY! IT'S A BIRD! IT'S A PLANE! IT'S...Yet another post Nu-52 costume for Superman. Outhouse fashion correspondent and advocate for superheroes wearing trunks over their pants Juan Cena reporting on DC's latest attempt to fix something that wasn't broken until they started trying to fix it.

This time the lucky artist, given the responsibility of fixing what wasn't broke in the first place is Tom Derrick, who admitted that he was responsible for a redesign Jim Lee's Superman uni that has been flying around the internet as of late on his Facebook page. 


Well, I've been seeing this image popping up around the web so I guess it's ok for me to finally post it. The turnaround I did off of Jim Lee's redesign of Superman for the Rebirth book.

Posted by Tom Derenick on Saturday, April 9, 2016
The two biggest changes may be the banishment to the Phantom Zone of the Lee design's infamous mandarin-style collar along with Superman's classic red boots. The collar is replaced with one closer to the crewneck color of the original costume. It's the reverse with the boots, as the traditional-colored red boots are replaced with blue boots with red details.
The cape has undergone a bit of transformation as well. It's apparently now see-through, with more of a kite-like shape. This apparently means that the cape will just serve as a cape, and not for any additional purposes such as acting as a place to stash Clark Kent's street clothes like the original cape did or receiving wifi and bluetooth signals, since the latest model of Superman himself now has that functionality built in.
The new costume's belt is more streamlined in comparison with the one from the Lee design. Its S-shield buckle has been replaced with a diamond-shaped one. The new belt could be considered a little innocuous, but it also doesn't call attention to the fact that it lacks the classic uni's trunks like the Lee design did. This is a definite improvement, as it allows the new design to stand more on its own. 
Derrick's new design manages to do something that Lee's design couldn't do. His changes balance out each other, creating a design which calls more attention to itself as a unique design, and not just as being "Superman's suit without the red trunks." That is a benefit for DC, which should be trying more to get readers into buying into Superman's future as much as they do his past.
The odds of this new uniform pleasing everyone is pretty slim. DC has managed to fragment the Superman fanbase so badly over the past few years that its factions are getting as ornery as Bernie Bros and Hillary Supporters. 


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