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Marvel Launches New Credit Card Line to Help Readers Pay Outrageous Comics Prices

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, April 15 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Launches New Credit Card Line to Help Readers Pay Outrageous Comics Prices

Now you can finally afford all those Civil War 2 tie-ins!

Source: Valnet Inc. Presents: Comic Book Resources

Following up on the announcement that Civil War 2 will carry price points of $5.99 and $4.99, and will feature fifteen tie-ins and minis in the first month alone, Marvel has revealed that they will be partnering with Synchrony Bank, the company that brings you obscenely high interest rates for all your favorite store-brand financing cards, to roll out a new line of Marvel credit cards. And no, we are not making this up.

Last month, we told you that following all of Marvel's Civil War 2 comics will cost readers sixty-seven dollars in the month of June alone:

According to Marvel's June solicits, Civil War 2 will double ship in June. The first issue is $5.99. The second issue dips back down to the regular price of $4.99. In addition, Civil War: Choosing Sides will also be priced at $4.99, though, mercifully, the other three Civil War tie-in minis will be priced at $3.99. Additionally, there are eleven regular books that are listed as Civil War tie-ins or "Road to Civil War" books. If you want to follow Civil War in June alone, it will cost you upwards of sixty-seven dollars.


Of course, that doesn't include any additional Marvel books unrelated to Civil War 2 that you may be following (of which seven will cost $5 and one will cost $10 in June), or books from other publishers. Marvel understands that this kind of financial obligation places undue strain on their readers, so they're taking steps to help make it easier for fans to follow comics.

No, they're not charging a reasonable price or reducing the number of titles they ship and double ship each month. Ha ha ha ha! That would be ridiculous. No, they're going to offer this new credit card, which will allow debtors to earn 3% back from purchases on and Marvel merchandise booths, as well as 10% off purchases at, in case you need some t-shirts, action figures, or other overpriced memorabilia to further your quest toward comics-related bankruptcy (now your finances can be just like the industry's creativity!!!).

"This is an exciting opportunity for Marvel fans to earn rewards, save money and always carry Marvel artwork with them," said Marvel CFO Rob Steffens of the announcement. "We expect the fun and the value of the card to be a hit with Marvel fans everywhere."

Steffens then had to suddenly flee as rioting peasants stormed the palace, demanding the heads of the comics aristocracy on a guillotine.

"Let them eat caaaake!" Steffens shouted as an angry mob chased him through the streets of Manhattan.

If you want to stain your credit history with the new Marvel credit cards, head over to using this link we got from CBR which appears to contain an affiliate code that could mean CBR gets a kickback if you sign up, which should put to rest any questions about the website's journalistic integrity.






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