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SWAT Kats Revolution Not Optioned By Cartoon Network

Written by Zechs on Thursday, May 05 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

SWAT Kats Revolution Not Optioned By Cartoon Network

The network has said no in optioning a new cartoon series featuring the return of the Radical Squadron.

It looks like Cartoon Network's nostalgia fever has ended.

They brought back the Powerpuff Girls. They brought back Samurai Jack. But one cartoon that Cartoon Network won't be bringing back is the SWAT Kats. You may remember almost a year ago a Kickstarter that the creators were trying to get funded for a revamped series. 

The Kickstarter achieved a two-minute teaser reel to show studio heads along with a new animated series bible, character designs, three scripts, and concept art. 

Sadly, it appears it has been for naught for the series to return to one of the branches it found an audience with (it aired numerous times on the channel, originally airing on TBS, before ending up on the Toonami animated action block for a bit). Here's what one of the  co-creators of the show, Christian Tremblay, said about it in an update via their Kickstarter page:

Hi Fans,

As per our last update, we mentioned that we had a Major Hollywood Studios ( we can say now: Warner Bros.) that had interest in bringing back Swat-Kats on Boomerang Chanel / Cartoon Network, It took a while to get answers, but unfortunately Warner Animation was unable to convince the parent network to commit for a new series, and thus passed on the project.

It is a major disappointment, but not a defeat. We are working with investors now about doing episodes independently that will available online for streaming. We are also talking to VOD. We are looking at all the possibilities. We understand it takes more time little more time on the business side to accomplish the goal of producing new episode, and we are as eager to make announcement for you all. We thanks again for all the support and we will keep you updated.


Tremblay is right of course, given that streaming services do seem the new outlet for this sort of genre of cartoons, as Netflix has optioned an upcoming Voltron and currently has a King Kong cartoon in it's library. 

Sadly, it just appears that yet again the in-fighting between the companies of Warner Bros. cost us a promising show. Still, this isn't the final straw, just a sad door closing what could have been a nice reunion. If any developments occur we'll keep you updated on it.

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