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Didio Flees Twitter in Wake of Eddie Berganza Scandal

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, May 05 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Didio Flees Twitter in Wake of Eddie Berganza Scandal

The DC Co-Publisher has deleted or suspended his account, and one rumor-mongering website suggests it might have something to do with Eddie Berganza.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Since Eddie Berganza was publicly named on Twitter as the alleged sexual harasser with multiple HR incidents who continues to be employed in DC's Superman office, demand for some kind of response from the publisher has been frequently directed at the company's Twitter account, as well as the accounts of top executives Dan Didio, Jim Lee, and Geoff Johns. Today, Bleeding Cool, who as Bleeding Cool will be sure to tell you reported on one incident regarding Berganza back in 2012, and who Bleeding Cool would also be remiss in not mentioning have reported on several comics sexual harassment stories involving both DC and Titan comics in recent weeks, and did Bleeding Cool mention, pip pip, reports that Didio has deleted (or suspended) his Twitter account, and implies that it may be because Didio couldn't handle all the tweets about Berganza. And while that may seem like jumping to conclusions, they do make note of a photo from Didio's last tweet, which oddly mimics a well-known photo of Eddie Berganza:




A show of solidarity? Random coincidence? Evidence of a large black market bunny trade in Burbank? There's no way to know, but if Didio did delete his account because he couldn't handle the pressure of hearing about how his company allegedly mishandled multiple sexual harassment accusations, that would mean that the company is feeling the pressure, and should encourage everyone to continue publicly talking about it until change occurs.

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