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Celebrate Free Comic Book Day with Fifty-Nine Digital Comics in the #AFCD 2016 Bundle!

Written by Jude Terror on Saturday, May 07 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Celebrate Free Comic Book Day with Fifty-Nine Digital Comics in the #AFCD 2016 Bundle!

Add fifty-nine free digital indie comics to your collection today with the Alternative Free Comics Day 2016 Bundle!

As comic book fans across North America celebrate the annual Free Comic Book Day event today, a new tradition of democratizing free comics is being born online! For its debut year, and with little lead time since first conceived last fall, Alternative Free Comics Day is proud to share fifty-nine free digital comics for download in its AFCD 2016 Bundle. Uploaded by indie comics creators on a platform designed to put the power of free comics distribution in the hands of the people making comics, these fifty-nine books show off some of the great work that the comics world outside the Superhero-Industrial Complex has to offer. Download the bundle right now for free by clicking here, or browse the Alternative Free Comics Day website to discover and download individual titles.

The idea to create an easy way for anyone to give away free comics came about while investigating a story about publishers having a tough time getting accepted into Diamond's official Free Comic Book Day program, according to TheOuthousers.com webmaster Jude Terror, who set up the website. "I found that, because of the logistics involved in printing and distributing free comics to an entire continent, the process is by nature exclusive and arcane," he explained. "It's also costly, both to retailers and publishers. But I believe that, thanks to the internet, the ability to give away comics can be simple, easy, accessible to anyone who wants to participate, and essentially cost-free for everyone involved. All you need is a web server, which we have, and the ability to make the site, which we did."

With the goal of building a self-sustaining platform, the Alternative Free Comics Day website keeps things as simple as possible. Creators and publishers can create an account on the website, fill out a profile with information about themselves and where to find more of their work, and then upload a comic in the popular cbz format. AFCD then takes the comics, zips them up into a bundle, and makes them available for download on Free Comic Book Day. The internet can take it from there, with unlimited distribution and promotion on social media.

Readers are encouraged to download the bundle and browse through the fifty-nine available comics. To learn more about creators, head to the Alternative Free Comics Day website to find out where to buy more of their work. If you like the books, please consider supporting the creators, and the independent comics scene in general.

The best news of all is that this is only the very first Alternative Free Comics Day, and creators had only a month to prepare from the launch of the website to the day of the event, but we still ended up with FIFTY-NINE free digital comics! With a year to go before Alternative Free Comics Day 2017, the sky's the limit.

If you need a comic reader to read the cbz files, try ComicRack for Windows, Simple Comic for Mac, or MComix for Linux. There are also lots of free cbz readers on the Android and Apple app stores.

Note: Though there are certainly comics in the bundle that will be great for children, Alternative Free Comics Day is not able to guarantee that every comic is child-friendly. Parents, please review the digital comics yourself before giving them to your kids.


Below you'll find all the comics available for download. You can download them all in the bundle by clicking here, or click on the titles to download individual comics. For more info, see the Free Comics section of the Alternative Free Comics Day website.

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