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DC Still Can't Get !@#$ Together, Announces Delays for Pre-Rebirth Justice League Books

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, May 12 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Still Can't Get !@#$ Together, Announces Delays for Pre-Rebirth Justice League Books

Presumably, they're just working round the clock on solving the pervasive sexual harassment problem and don't have time for anything else. Right? Right??

Source: via Newarama

Although DC may be not-a-reboot rebooting their entire universe this summer, that doesn't mean they're just going to let the rest of their pre-Rebirth comics just come out without fucking everything up. According to a report from Newsarama, DC's Justice League titles are being plagued with delays and re-solicitations, even with only a few months before none of what happens in them will even matter anyway.

First, there's Justice League, which can't manage to pump out its final two issues without a bunch of changes. Chris Arrant writes at Newsarama:

Justice League #51, which was already cancelled and resolicited once before, will now feature a Dan Abnett/Paul Pelletier story originally solicited for Justice League #52 and is scheduled for release on June 8.

The story, a flashback to the early days of the "New 52" League and guest-starring Dick Grayson as Robin, is considered a Titans: Rebirth #1 prelude. Since Titans: Rebirth #1 goes on sale June 15, the prelude story being moved to June 8 rather than June 22 as originally solicited does make sense.

The Dan Jurgens/Paul Pelletier story originally solicited for #51 will now appear inJustice League #52, still scheduled for release June 22.


But Justice League's release schedule is a cakewalk compared to Justice League of America, by notoriously late artist Bryan Hitch:

For Bryan Hitch's oft-delayed Justice League of America title, its ninth issue - originally scheduled for release March 30 - will now come out on June 15, according to DC, with #10 and #11 currently both listed for July 6 and 27 releases, respectively.

Diamond has cancelled Justice League of America #12 and Justice League of America Annual #1, originally solicited last month for June and announced they will re-solicited in their June previews catalog for comics on sale in August.


Meanwhile, the company has also announced delays in addressing the multiple allegations of sexual harassment against senior editor Eddie Berganza and allegations that the company mishandled those reports and protected Berganza, creating a culture where victims are discouraged from speaking out since nothing ever changes. According to new solicits, DC will never respond to those allegations and hope everyone will just forget about it eventually.

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