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DC Unveils New Logo!

Written by Gavin D. on Tuesday, May 17 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Unveils New Logo!

The new logo will surely resolve any issues which DC comics may be facing.

Source: Newsrama

DC Comics unveiled their new logo today. The logo will go into effect immediately on social media platforms and many DC owned websites, but will not appear on the comic books until the special DC Universe Rebirth Special releases next week. DC last changed their logo when they rebooted to the New 52.


The logo is a retro design, with the D and the C spaced to avoid further legal trouble with DC Shoes. The letters contain serifs on the end, so in DC fashion it likely is no longer a D and a C, but symbols from DC's home planet. The D is the symbol of Desperation, and the C is the symbol of Constant Allegations.

The retro color scheme and simplicity harkens back to the ole days of DC, when the stories were original and entertaining, and DC could harass and discriminate without anyone calling them out. Some fans are skeptical of the logo, not because of its current design but because they know that the next one will somehow be worse when DC reboots three years from now.

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