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Fate of Universe Hangs in Balance, You Must Back Double Take Kickstarter Today

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, May 20 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Fate of Universe Hangs in Balance, You Must Back Double Take Kickstarter Today

You have one last chance to save the world and save yourself, so head to Kickstarter and buy a Double Take Super Pack today!

Source: Double Take Genesis IV Kickstarter

It's a real life universe-altering super-mega-crossover event, and nothing in the actual universe will ever be the same again! Of course, we're talking about Double Take's Genesis 4 Kickstarter, which wraps up early next week. Not only is backing the Kickstarter a great opportunity to purchase all ten of Double Take's #4 issues for less than $2 an issue in the Genesis IV Super Pack (and past Super Packs as well), but the very fate of human existence probably hangs in the balance!

Now, we know you're probably expecting details as to what kind of cataclysmic world-threatening event is going to bring about universal doom if you don't buy comics from Double Take's Kickstarter, but we're not here to get into specifics. As Double Take head honcho Bill Jemas once said, "Comics," and we agree with him one hundred percent. Why worry about details when there's comics to be had, for cheap, and certain disaster as an alternative?

We mean, look, Double Take has made it this far. Four issues of ten different ongoing series set in the universe of the classic film Night of the Living Dead, but starring new characters and featuring exciting twists on the old ones. That's not too shabby. Most comics startups would have probably folded by now, bounced checks to the creative teams, and posted a potentially racially offensive message or two on their Facebook pages, and called it day. But Double Take hasn't done any of that, because they realize how important this is... how important it is that you contribute to their Kickstarter and do you part to save the universe from total destruction. They're still going. Why not give them $15 plus $5 shipping and handling inside the Continental United States, in exchange for ten comics and the continued safety of yourself and your loved ones? Could you do any less?


Or die. The choice is yours.


The Kickstarter is over in 4 days, so if you wait much longer, it will be too late. And then what? Well, besides the fact that you'll be running through streets, covered in blood and ashes, screaming as you witness the horrific deaths of everyone around you, until you're finally struck by a fallen asteroid, melted by an alien heat ray, eaten alive by mutant hell beasts, or whatever the hell it is that's going to happen. It could be anything, really. We're not really clear on that. The point is, you won't have the luxury of waiting until these comics show up in your local fine comics retailer, because that retailer will have been torn limb from limb by ravenous zombies, drowned beneath a 1000 foot tall tidal wave, or swallowed up into the depths of the earth, or, you know, whatever.

Hell, why let that guy have your money anyway. You could become a retailer yourself. Double Take is offering a reward level where you can purchase one hundred super packs, choosing from Genesis I, Genesis II, Genesis III, or Genesis IV in any combination, for just $950. You could open your own shop. Sell them out of the back of your car. Guilt trip your friends, family, and co-workers into buying them. It's better than the alternative: a gruesome death, and the end of civilization as we know it. Right?

But look, we're not trying to scare you. Sure, the fate of the world is important to us, and it's probably important to you too, but this is an economic issue, if you really think about it. Double Take is offering the best deal ever as part of this Kickstarter. For just fifty bucks, you can get all four Super Packs, featuring the entire story of the Double Take Universe so far. That's $1.25 an issue. Conversely, can you imagine how much it would cost to rebuild the entire planet after 99% of its population is wiped out by a genetically engineered super-virus, hordes of rampaging sentient lizard people, or the sudden and dramatic increase of deadly nuclear radiation? We're thinking that would cost a lot of money. A lot more than the ninety dollars you could pay to get all ten graphic novel versions of Double Take's ten series when they're released, along with two Super Packs right now, just as a bonus.


Both "Fall" and "2016" are used loosely.


So head over to Kickstarter today and click the "Back This Project" button before it's too late. This is the type of opportunity that comes about once in a lifetime, or once every Double Take new issue release cycle, whichever is longer (it's the release cycle). When you're a pile of molten goo steaming in the middle of a broken street and surrounded by the corpses of everyone you've ever known, you'll regret not taking advantage of this offer when you had the chance. Assuming that's what's going to happen. Honestly, we should have asked for more details.


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