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Fanboy Rampage: Everybody Hates Rich Johnston Over DC Rebirth Spoilers

Written by Gavin D. on Monday, May 23 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Fanboy Rampage: Everybody Hates Rich Johnston Over DC Rebirth Spoilers

Yes, Dan Slott was an ass on Twitter again. No spoilers there, but spoilers in this article, so consider yourself warned.

This weekend's Rebirth leaks provoke a lot of discussions. Is it right to use Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen characters even though DC screwed the creators out of the rights to them? Will Rebirth be a bold step or miserable train wreck? How will the spoilers affect sales of the book? Is catering to the limited niche of longtime comic readers that already abandoned DC after its first reboot instead of trying to expand their readership really a good idea? Why should anyone trust that *this* reboot will be the one that gets things right when DC is still run by the same idiots that have been in charge for the past decade?

All of these are valid questions, but some decided to instead focus on a different question. Namely: how awful is Rich Johnston? (we could have saved them the trouble and answered that - "the most awful." But that has nothing to do with Rebirth spoilers.)

Here's what transpired on Twitter:


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