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DC Shocker: Geoff Johns Spoils Rebirth in USA Today Interview

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, May 23 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Shocker: Geoff Johns Spoils Rebirth in USA Today Interview

Dan Slott is coming for you, Geoff Johns. (SPOILERS)

Source: USA Today

If there's one thing we know from listening to crybabies like Dan Slott whine about comics spoilers on Twitter, it's that there's nothing worse than someone taking all the hard work of comics creative teams to create shocking event comics only to have them spoiled on the internet by ne'er-do-wells like Rich Johnston or random Reddit and 4chan posters. So we're sure Dan must be helluva mad today at DC executive Geoff Johns, because Johns has taken to a major newspaper - USA Today - to spoil the events of DC Comics Rebirth super-mega-crossover event.

If you haven't read all the spoilers yet, you can catch up here. If you're trying to avoid them entirely, why are you reading this article? Get out of here now, before we spoil you.

Are they gone?

Ok, here we go:

In an article spuriously labeled as "EXXXCLUSIVE" even though the contents have been all over the internet for the past three days, USA Today talked to Geoff Johns about the big reveals in Rebirth. On the reappearance of pre-Nu52 Wally West, Johns said:

He has perspective that a lot of readers might have: He knows everything and he's trying to get back to it.


USA Today explains the context:

The time-altering 2011 event series Flashpoint gave way to "The New 52" relaunch of DC's line, putting new spins on classic heroes, but Wally's learned that a dark force has "infected" them and caused these icons to not remember a whole decade of their lives.


Johns also talks about the reveal that the Watchmen characters are coming to the DCU, and that Doctor Manhattan was responsible for creating the Nu52:

If you're going to have a conflict between optimism and pessimism, you need to have someone who represents a cynical view of life and also has the ability to affect this. I know it's crazy but he felt like the right character to use.


Johns sums it all up thusly while acting like this wasn't entirely his fault in the first place:

It's not just stories or history that was taken — it was moments where these characters connected in my mind. Love was lost, and the ongoing mission of Rebirth is have that love return and have the characters connect again. And they're going to have to in the face of greater threats.


The article basically just repeated what we already learned on Friday, but for a larger, mainstream audience, and with DC's official PR spin put on things. It's interesting that DC would purposely release these spoilers on a huge outlet like USA Today, just like it's interesting that they sent out so many early copies of the book in the first place, which is unusual for a book with so many "shocking" reveals. It's almost as if DC wanted the comic to leak all along as part of its media plan, and all of the Dan Slotts and the "media partner" sites that feel like cuckolds in their payola relationship with Big Comics because the comic was spoiled on Reddit and Bleeding Cool first are just whining due to their own self-interest, not some noble sense of honor.

But DC wouldn't do that, would they? Certainly, there's no past examples of big publishers spoiling their comics to generate buzz and increase sales. Right? Right??

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