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Nice Guy Rich Johnston Won't Spoil Captain America

Written by Jude Terror on Tuesday, May 24 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Nice Guy Rich Johnston Won't Spoil Captain America

Johnston claims that Marvel wins the mind!@#$ war against DC Rebirth with Captain America: Steve Rogers #1.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Over the weekend, Bleeding Cool lead rumormonger Rich Johnston came under fire for publishing spoilers for DC's Rebirth comic coming out on Wednesday. You can read all about that in our recap of the event, Everybody Hates Rich.


Today, however, the lovable British horn player is tooting a different tune, telling readers that he knows all about spoilers in Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, also in stores on Wednesday, but he's not going to tell us what those spoilers are. Johnston does say:

Everything you knew was wrong.

If you want to avoid this spoiler then consider yourself warned. DC Universe: Rebirth? That was the trial run. Marvel wins.


It almost sounds like an advertisement for Marvel's comic. Has Bleeding Cool become an official Marvel media partner? What EXXXCLUSIVES have Marvel offered Johnston for such preferential treatment?! Will writer Nick Spencer use this opportunity to tell us the Good News about Hillary Clinton?!

We don't know, but we promise to do the bare minimum in an attempt to find out before declaring that RICH JOHNSTON HAS SOLD OUT TO THE MAN!!!

Stay tuned.

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