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Marvel on Captain America Spoilers: "This really is Steve Rogers, Captain America himself."

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, May 25 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel on Captain America Spoilers:

Marvel insists their shocking twist is not a bait and switch. (SPOILERS)

Source: EW

When Bleeding Cool rumormonger Rich Johnston bragged yesterday about knowing Captain America spoilers that would beat DC's Rebirth spoilers, but insisted he would not spoil them like he did DC Rebirth because he likes Marvel better than DC reasons, we knew that we had to locate the spoilers and post them, because honestly, bragging about knowing something you won't tell anyone is a total dick move. When we found out what these spoilers were - that Steve Rogers has always been Hydra, since he was a child - we assumed, like everyone else, this this would be some temporary plot point that would soon be undone, revealing that Steve was being mind controlled or some other such nonsense. However, according to Marvel Vice President Tom Brevoort and Hillary Clinton campaign manager Nick Spencer, this is the real deal, fella, and you'd better get used to it.

Issue 1 lays the groundwork for the reveal with flashbacks to Steve's childhood and his first contact with an operative of Hydra. Does this mean it's been this way his whole life?

BREVOORT: Well, No. 2 rolls back the clock a little bit to further illuminate where Steve's head is at and how he got this way. And from there, the story will get larger over the course of time than you probably imagine that it can.

SPENCER: Issue 2 will lay a lot of our cards on the table in terms of what the new status quo is, but the one thing we can say unequivocally is: This is not a clone, not an imposter, not mind control, not someone else acting through Steve. This really is Steve Rogers, Captain America himself.


Spencer goes on to note that he was inspired by ISIS and white supremacy when writing this story, but ultimately, he just tried to think of the thing that would be the most shocking because it made the least possible amount of sense, and then things grew "organically" from there:


Rick Remender, who was the previous writer on Captain America, had been building towards this story of Hydra having infiltrated various institutions of government and various super teams. I thought that sounded like too big of a story. I drilled it down and thought, what if there's just one very valuable Hydra plant? What if they're looking for 100 people, but there's just one? So I started asking, who's the worst person it could possibly be? It was really obvious straight away that there's nobody who could do more damage and nobody that could be a more valuable Hydra plant than Steve Rogers. That was really the genesis. It sprang pretty organically from story ideas that were already on the table.


So, while we wish it were not the case, and we were instead the laughingstock of the comics world for being wrong about those spoilers, it turns out we were completely right, and Captain America has been eeeeeeevil for his entire life. Surely, the Marvel Universe will never be the same after this... well, until like a year or two from now when they undo all of this with some new universe-altering super-mega-crossover event that they claim they had planned all along.


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