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DC Breaks Promise, Prices Rebirth Second Printing at $5.99

Written by Gavin D. on Saturday, May 28 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Breaks Promise, Prices Rebirth Second Printing at .99

Same book, less valuable printing, twice the price.

Source: Newsarama

DC Comics is two days into Rebirth, and they've already managed to screw things up. All through out the Rebirth Panel and leading up to Rebirth, DC Comics stressed that no comics would be priced higher than $2.99. So when the Rebirth Special sold out and the book went to second printing, what price tag did they put above the bar code? $5.99.

Yes, DC wants you to pay twice the price of a first printing copy of Rebirth so that you can have the same story but with a lower resale value, and the comic news sites are doing their best to sell you on it. Newsarama refers to it as a "Deluxe Edition" while would like to remind that it's still a reasonable price since the book is 80 pages. Comic Book Resources didn't bother trying to sell you on it though because Friday is the day they give handjobs to Marvel with their weekly Axel-in-Charge interview.

This breaks the promise that DC repeatedly made to fans. At Wondercon Dan Didio himself said the following:

This is our commitment to you. We're bringing the price of our books down. We're bringing the line down to $2.99. Okay? You guys are out there buying comic books. We want to make sure you're gonna be able to afford the comics and enjoy the comics. This is about making great stories and making them a way that you can buy them. So we're bringing the line down to $2.99. Okay? So that's it.

And again, we're putting our money where our mouth is. We're gonna show you that we believe in our books more, we're gonna bring more people in. This isn't about selling less books at higher prices to less people. This is about selling more books to more people/ We want the biggest fanbase as possible because we have the greatest fans of all.

So much for "commitment." One made directly from the goatee'd horse's mouth ass, no less. DC has already broken their promise to fans and retailers, but this wasn't a one time comment either. Didio reiterated the point later on in the Wondercon Rebirth Panel, and he stressed that the price point would apply to Rebirth Special:

And also, very important to say about this, as Geoff said, it's an 80 page book, but we made our commitment to the fans, we made our commitment to price, and this will be out there for $2.99 as well. Big book. Great price. Okay? That's one way to make sure we do it.

The majority of people who would pay $6 for a comic likely obtained their copy on the release date, and the die hard comic fans who haven't know that they check online for it. By this reasoning the only people left to buy the second printing at twice the price are the casual fans who weren't too interested in the first place. And they're not going to be interested in an "updated cover" either, especially when you see that cover, which The Outhouse has an EXXXCLUSIVE first look at.


Come on DC. You almost had something. Almost. Reset the counter, boys. Looks like we're in for another reboot of glorious resets.

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