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Helpful Website Recovers Lost Tweet for Poor Dan Slott

Written by Jude Terror on Thursday, June 02 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Helpful Website Recovers Lost Tweet for Poor Dan Slott

You're welcome, Dan.

Earlier this week, notable internet blowhard Dan Slott found himself involved in yelling at journalists, one of the favorite pastimes of Dan Slott along with yelling at anyone who discusses him or his work negatively on social media and stealing picnic baskets. Slott's tweet was part of an ongoing discussion about an article by Devin Faraci on Birth. Movies. Death. in which Faraci conflates death threats against creators, hatred of the new Ghostbusters film, and the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend in order to declare that fandom as a whole is broken. Slott, who is medically unable to resist sharing his take on whatever the comics controversy du jour is, immediately jumped in to berate fans and members of the press who didn't agree that comics creators are victims of unfair demands from the comics readers that buy their mass-produced, editorially-driven corporate intellectual property adaptations.

Unfortunately, during the fracas, one of Slott's most important tweets, in which Slott uses screenshots of tweets from Comics Alliance Editor in Chief Andrew Wheeler alongside a screenshot of a person making a death threat to comics creators to make an association in readers' minds between Wheeler's legitimate comics criticism and threats of violence, was accidentally deleted, presumably due to clerical error. We can't imagine Slott was very happy about losing this tweet, since it portrayed him in such a heroic light.

Luckily, we've managed to obtain a screenshot:


Just think! This gem was almost lost forever, and readers might never have known about the bravery of Slott in standing up against the perils of comics fans and journalists who criticize the beleaguered comic book industry or commit atrocities such as wanting comics to have more gay characters. Truly, that would have been a tragedy.

Now, that crisis has been averted.

No need to thank us, Dan. It was our pleasure.

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