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DC to Confuse Your Mother More By Casting a Second Superman

Written by Gavin D. on Monday, June 06 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

DC to Confuse Your Mother More By Casting a Second Superman

Even if you dodge the calls, she'll still ask you at Thanksgiving.

Source: Valnet Presents: Comic Book Resources

DC and the CW intend to further the perpetual confusion that your mother faces by casting an actor to play Superman just on the CW show Supergirl. Superman has previously made cameos in the show, but he has been either a silhouette or a figure so distant that he is practically nondescript. The role will not be filled by Henry Cavill, but instead a new actor will don the cape and boots.

The decision to recast Superman for television is a continuation on DC's primary goal of confusing your mother. This comes at a difficult time for children of mothers. "After nearly a year of promotions and advertisements for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, reports show that mothers have stopped asking 'Why are they fighting?' just last week," said Professor of Explaining Things to Your Mother at the prestigious University of Phoenix, Thaddeus T. Puffinbottoms. "This could very well spark a flood of 'I thought the other guy was Superman,' comments." Puffinbottoms also expressed concern regarding the increase of "Christopher Reeves will always be Superman to me" comments. Said Puffinbottoms, "We always see a spike in those anytime Superman is in the news."

When asked if anything good could come of this, Puffinbottoms replied, "Our numbers suggest there may be substantial improvement in mother/child relationships as they finally agree on something: the DC TV-Verse is far superior to the DC Cinematic Universe."

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