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Titan To Launch A New 'Robotech' Comic

Written by sdsichero on Friday, June 17 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Titan To Launch A New 'Robotech' Comic

Harmony Gold USA determined to not let Macross move past 1983 in the USA.

Source: Exclusive: Titan Comics Partners With Harmony Gold USA For New ‘Robotech’ Comics

Titan Comics, the comics imprint of Titan Publishing, has been producing many a comic based on licensed movie, TV, and videogame properties. Some of these titles include Assassin's Creed, Deus Ex, Doctor Who, Heroes, and Independence Day. Well, it looks like Titan will be adding another television property to their lineup as they partner with Harmony Gold USA to torture bring us a new Robotech comic.

Robotech was a 1985 cartoon which mashed together in an unholy abomination three seperate Japanese anime (The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Calvary Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA) into one story. Each of the shows feature vehicle-transforming-to-robot action, as well as drama, and in two of the three, music. Macross, which to this day has new series coming out in Japan, is often the face shown when promoting Robotech, though the mecha in the original productions are from MOSPEADA. Robotech aired originally in syndicated TV, but gained a larger viewership when airing on Cartoon Network.

Newer incarnations of Macross beyond Macross II (1992) and Macross Plus (1994) never reached the states, due largely to evil IP-squatters Harmony Gold USA retaining the license to the original Macross in the USA. Instead, Harmony Gold USA produced its own work Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles and a repurposed a 1985 MOSPEADA music complication for Robotech: Love Live Alive, released together in 2013. Subsequent animated efforts, Robotech: Shadow Rising and Robotech Academy never materialized.

That hasn't stopped Robotech in comic form though. This will not be the first Robotech comic, taht started with the original adaptation of the series by Comico, and later taken on by a variety of companies including Eternity Comics, Academy Comics, Antarctic Press, Wildstorm, and Dynamite Entertainment (where it crossed over with Voltron). Not much has been divulged about the new Robotech comic, aside from its publisher and that it will be coming in 2017. More information is expected soon.

Robotech.titancomic.pngTitan Comics Robotech promotional image


Here's the opening for Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (in-universe taking place just a few years after MOSPEADA):


Here's the opening for Macross Delta currently airing in Japan (in-universe taking place in 2067, the original took place in-universe in 2009):


Note: Harmony Gold USA is also involved with the live-action Robotech movie, so US Macross fans will continue to suffer waiting pray for more Macross to be legitimately available on our shores. Unfortunately, they haven't even consulted with Macross mecha-designer Shoji Kawamori about movie (who is willing to help) so it seems no bridge to the original currently exists.

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