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Rich Johnston Would Like You to Know that Dave Sim is Making a New Cerebus Comic

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, June 22 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Rich Johnston Would Like You to Know that Dave Sim is Making a New Cerebus Comic

He doesn't really care if you say the information came from BLEEDING COOL though, even though he's the only one who has the information.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Following up on news earlier this week that Rich Johnston would like you to know that Matt Fraction announced a new comic called The Recidivist with Chip Zdarsky and Annie Wu, Rich Johnston has taken to Twitter to chastise comic book news sites for not reporting on a new volume of Cerebus by cartoonist Dave Sim, news which has EXXXCLUSIVELY been obtained by Bleeding Cool (presumably due to Rich Johnston getting his mitts on an early copy of PREVIEWS). From Twitter:




Right then. So Rich couldn't give a toss if we write an article saying "BLEEDING COOL is reporting that...", but he's also the only one with the information, so...

BLEEDING COOL is reporting that cartoonist Dave Sim will produce another volume of Cerebus, beginning with Cerebus in Hell #0 this September and leading into a four issue series in 2017. The information is apparently in the next issue of previews, which Rich Johnston obtained by dressing up as a potted plant and slowly creeping around the Diamond warehouse until he could take photos of the unreleased version with a spy camera, but shame on all of the rest of you for not doing the same thing. Potted plant costumes are the most basic requirement of comic book journalism, and if you don't regularly dress as a potted plant and steal PREVIEWS issues, what kind of journalist are you anyway? Look, why don't we just make things easier and copy the information from Bleeding Cool:

(W) Dave Sim (A) Dave Sim & Various (CA) Dave Sim, Hieronymus Bosch

The first new Cerebus comic since 2004! Where has Cerebus been since he died twelve years ago? Is he in hell? Purgatory? Limbo? Some strange 1980 disco with links to Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Henry Kissinger? Some ancient Greek disco with links to Plato, Socrates, Aristotle? Some 1990s disco with links to The Stone Roses, the Happy Mondays, and Oasis? Is he stuck inside his own Cerebus Online Disco Twitter-feed? Well, wherever he is, he deserves it, so feel free to laugh at his misfortune! This one shot leads into the Cerebus In Hell? 4-issue mini-series in 2017 celebrating Cerebus' 40th-anniversary!

Item Code: JUL161105

In Shops: 9/28/2016

Price: $4.00


There you go, Rich. We hope this makes you feel better.

Also, in the spirit of making Rich happy, since he doesn't give a toss, we welcome other comic book websites to use THIS article as the source of the information.


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