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Millar and Romita Launch New Black, Female "Kick-Ass"

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, June 22 2016 and posted in News with Benefits

Millar and Romita Launch New Black, Female

Millar is so committed to diversity, he might stop supporting anti-equality politicians! Well, probably not.

Source: THR

According to the Hollywood Reporter, superstar movie pitchman Mark Millar and "artist" John Romita Jr. are launching a new volume of Kick-Ass, and there will be some major changes. In addition to a new setting and supporting cast, the mantle of Kick-Ass will be taken up by a black woman (or girl - the age of the character is not clear from Millar's comments). Speaking about the series, Millar said:

Comics insae short o' white males aged aroond 30; that demographic seems bonny weel catered fur in weel-kent culchur. Ah don't think mony blonde white guys aroond 30 cop under-represented whin thay pick up comic or watch a movie. Bein' older or younger or female or African-American juist seems mair interesting tae me as a writer fur this character is ferr unique 'n' opens up story possibilities that hasn't bin tried in a'maist eighty years o' superhero fiction. This wifie haes a completely different tak' oan kick-ass.


Millar said he envisions Kick-Ass as a franchise like James Bond or Doctor Who, where the characters can be replaced every four years or so and Millar can keep making more movies comics. Explaining his desire to return to the franchise, Millar said:

Ah pure juist missed kick-ass. 'Twas a funny book fur 'twas aboot a guy wha hud na powers, na gadgets 'n' wasn't braw 'n' yit 'twas muckle great. We hud twa movies in oor foremaist five years, games merchandise 'n' sae oan. It's bin three years 'n' Johnny 'n' Ah baith juist pure missed th' concept. It's fin tae write 'n' efter a' th' fantasy 'n' space opera 'n' vast budget superheroes it's actually bin amazing tae git intae something grounded again.


In addition to the new Kick-Ass comic, which will be drawn by Romita, a new Hit-Girl comic drawn by Rafael Albuquerque will also debut in January, 2017. The second issue of each may come out in 2018.



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